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some say that Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsundays. we say that it is the gateway to paradise. where everything that you see is just like the postcards that you see for sale on the streets. we set off on a 3 day sailing adventure on saturday and headed for the south molle resort. the hostess on the ship wasn't very nice to us (not only did we not get upgrades we had to split into 3 different rooms) but the deck hand was hot with a cute accent. at the resort we partook in happy hour at two bars. after margaritas we were apparently in a state of insanity because we each ordered our own jugs of VB (a jug = a pitcher) needless to say it was a fun evening :) we learned some new boat racing games so now we're all set for tailgating!

sunday was a full day of sailing, sun bathing at the most beautiful, secluded, white sand beach EVER, and snorkeling. whitehaven beach was amazing - though the sun started to get to me after a while. the sand is so fine that you can use it to take scratches out off the face of your watch. i don't know how but thats what the skipper told me ;-) we snorkled at border island and then headed back to the resort. no jugs for me the second night as it turns out that i am sick. sore throats are for sure not in the summer of fun. though i did order a drink called 'the triple B' bacardi, banana liquor, blue curacao and pineapple juice. it was a little sweet but it was part of the summer of fun so i was in!

this morning we headed out to hook island for more snorkling than had to jet home since the dive master wasn't feeling well (read:an ambulance was waiting for her on the dock when we pulled up) i loved being on the boat. it was sooo much fun. the water was so blue and everything was so clear. i can't beleive this is their winter. it's warm and sunny.

i highly reccommend sailing the whitsundays the next time your in australia. it was amazing.

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