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Here we go... Driver on the "Right"

Here we go...

All green

The road to our B&B

View from our Room - Are you kidding me?

A little Zen

Picked up the car first thing this morning and headed North-East out of Auckland (pronounced similarly to Oakland- BTW). Al is awesome - he got us back to the hotel to get our luggage and out of the city with no problems. There was great scenery along the way - I didn't get pictures but some hills were covered in every color of green imaginable. Perhaps I can capture it on our way back. Notes regarding driving on the left (quoted from Al): (a) have to really focus and pay attention, (b) the side mirrors help position within the lane (when your steering wheel is on the left side of the car - you instinctively know where the right front corner of the car is... but the reverse is not true, (c) I don't understand why the other drivers don't realize I want to turn when my windshield wipers turn on (turn signal is on the right side of the steering wheel- which caused us some laughter early on). Drove up to the B&B and were completely in awe. The views are stunning.


SOOOO we are in a restaurant and I go to look for a table. I come back to the bar and Terri is surrounded by six or seven 20 year old guys and one guy who wearing a blue wig, dress, fishnets, heels and a thong (you do not want to know how I know this) is giving Terri a kiss on the cheek - JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT FOR US. The story is that they are having a bachelors party and he has a list of things to accomplish. One of these is giving a "sexy MILF over 50 a kiss" and Terri was (of course) chosen. HOWEVER, the rule maker then explained to us that it had to be "on the lips". They asked our permission, along with offering us beers to which we said OK. The beer was great and I am enjoying being the beneficiary to the "action".

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