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It was Sunday so it was a good day to visit Nimes. We thought it was going to be sunny but turned out quite grey and chilly. We couldn’t moan as it is November!

Nimes has a significant Roman history and our main purpose was to visit Les Arènes which according to our guide book is” one of the best preserved Roman arenas in the world”. It certainly was impressive from the outside but inside it was a little disappointing as modern day seating did nothing to enhance the arena. Our extensive audio guide explained the history and function of the arena. However it was a little too explicit on animal fighting in the morning, the human executions at lunch time and gladiator fights in the afternoon. Today the arena is still used today for bullfighting three or four times a year.

From the arena we then found Mason Carrée a Roman temple that was built in 5AD and dedicated to the adopted sons of Emperor Augustus. This was definitely an impressive building standing within its own square. An equally impressive but modern building nearby was Carre d’Art by architect Norman Foster.

We then found a lovely patisserie for a warm drink and an afternoon cake before heading back to base.

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