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Today we headed out to Orange just north of Avignon. On our way we stopped at the small village of Chateauneuf-du-Pape in an area of vineyards. We wandered up to the ruined chateau for the views across the Rhone valley before continuing to Orange.

The main purpose of visiting Orange was to visit the spectacular Roman Theatre and it did not disappoint.

The theatre dates from 55AD and it is the only theatre of its era to have the stage wall still standing. From the outside it just looked like an enormous stone wall but once inside it was impressive. With an excellent audio guide we learnt about the history and architecture of theatre. Its enormous stage, originally sheltered by a mighty awning, could accommodate vast numbers of performers. The acoustics were second to none with ten thousand spectators being able to hear every word regardless as to where they sat. Where you sat in the theatre was determined by your social status – slaves sat in “in the gods”

An interesting visit.

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