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Another glorious day. In the morning we had to do a shop and discovered driving around Avignon was certainly an experience with some interesting junctions and one-way roads.

After lunch we headed over the Rhone the other way to Villeneuve-les- Avignon. The historic centre to the town felt more like a village. At the time of Avignon being the papal residence Villeneuve-les-Avignon was where the cardinals built their palatial residences and a great monastery was founded by Pope Innocent VI.

We started our exploration by visiting the Tour Philippe-le Bel. This tower was built to guard the western end of the Pont St Benezet. While we climbed the tower to be rewarded by great views over Villeneuve and Avignon, Daisy was kindly looked after by the lady at the desk.

From there we wandered through the town/village centre to visit Fort St Andre which had been built in the 14th century. It was built to protect what was then the boundary of the Kingdom of France. Until 1770 the town was enclosed within the walls of the fort but with the shifting course of Rhone River the fort lost its strategic importance. At the fort we decided to visit the Saint Andre Abbey and gardens with great views once again over the surrounding area.

It was getting quite late by the time we got to the La Chartreause du Val du Benediction the monastery founded in the 14th century by Pope Innocent VI to do justice in visiting the palace, so we decided to leave that for another day.

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