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A barge like what they used along the Erie canal to delivery...

My second family growing up as a child if I wasn't at...

tonight's sky

Today we drove over to Barberton, OH, first stopping at Mrs. Yoder's for breakfast which was good, I tried mush today which is fried cornmeal and it was tasty. On the way we saw many large Amish farms on the back road, and the countryside was just beautiful. We made it to Barberton, OH which is where the Elkins family live and they had a big hand in raising me. If I wasn't at their house on the weekend then Darla was at mine, they were my second family. I had not seen some of them in about 35 years and it was like we picked up where we left off, I enjoyed it so much.

Evidently the Erie canal runs through the town so we got a glimpse of it on the way to their house, then on they way back to the camper we found a park which had a barge that they use during the summer to pull tourist down the canal.

We got back in Berlin around 4:00 and decided to hit a couple shops before going back to camper.

We had Italian Sausage for dinner. Weather started rainy this morning and turn out windy and cooler in the upper 60's.

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