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Tokyo from the Skytree (you can just make out Mount Fuji in...

You get a real feel for how big a city Tokyo is...

Looking down the tower through the glass floor

At the Tokyo Dome

The Tokyo Dome

Coming up later this month at the Tokyo Dome

The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame

Today was officially the end of the tour. Several of the group had to leave for the airport early in the morning but my flight wasn’t until 8:10pm so I didn’t have to start for the airport until about 2:00pm.

I took off by myself with the first stop being the Tokyo Skytree which is officially the tallest tower in the world. It was a very clear day & you could even make out snow-capped Mount Fuji in the distance. It’s 106 km away so quite remarkable that you could see that far.

I wanted to catch the hop-on hop-off bus but just missed one & the next one didn’t come along for 1½ hours so too late for me. I slowly made my way back to the hotel, stopping off at the Tokyo Dome which had lots of baseball memorabilia (both American & Japanese)scattered around.

I picked up my bags from the hotel the walked to the Tokyo Dome Hotel to catch the airport bus which took about 1½ hours to get to Narita airport. No dramas on the flight home – not much sleep because we arrived at Cairns at 4:15am (Cairns time) which was 3:15am Tokyo time.

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