Our 2015 Fall Trip travel blog

We can't even escape the cats up here, I believe it is...

Really not liking this time change we were both awake around 4:30 but did go back to sleep for a little bit, we got on the road at 7:40 and it was 39 degrees and heavy fog on the roads for a little while as we traveled Hwy 30 in Ohio. We stopped for an early lunch at Subway and we got to Berlin RV Park in Berlin, OH around 12:30, it is run by Amish and they are so nice, it sits up on a little hill so we overlook some farms, it's very nice and clean. We relaxed around the campground for awhile then decided to go into town and do laundry, came back fixed dinner took a walk then Buddy built a fire and we sat outside for a little bit. We traveled 102 miles today, temperatures got up to high 60's.

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