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Pittsburgh Steelers stadium


Flight pattern of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania

Crash site of Flight 93

Crash site of Flight 93

Lock 30 Campground in Lisbon, OH

We got on the road this morning at 7:30 a.m. and it was 54 degrees, we traveled Hwy 30 all through Pennsylvania and just over the line into Ohio. We chose to drive the back roads opposed to taking the turnpike as the turnpike fees can be quite expensive with our rig, and in taking the back road we seen some beautiful scenery there was still lots of leaves on the trees, we came into a town and it said there was a height limit a mile ahead of 13'2" and we have been told our camper is 13'4" so we had to find a way around, we stopped out front of a drug store and I found someone that told us a way around, that is the drawback of backroads, well that and this one had lots of curves and a couple steep hills. We got really lucky and came upon the Memorial for Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA, we had no idea we were that close to it so we had to stop and see it. We drove almost 10 hours today because we wanted to get on the other side of Pittsburgh since it was a Sunday, we passed by the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium and had to go through a couple tunnels in Pittsburgh, finally we found a campground and stopped for the night around 5:00, it was a soup and sandwich kind of night for dinner. We traveled only 300 miles in 10 hours it was a long day, temperature got up to 67 today, and we paid $2.89 for diesel in Jennerstown, PA.

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