Our 2015 Fall Trip travel blog

Amish school house

Frost this morning

Clouds were low this morning

More goodies, we will be freezing some.

We woke up to 34 degrees this morning outside it was the coldest morning so far, when we got in the truck to leave there was ice on the windshield. We just went driving in search of yard sales, we only found about a half dozen but we did find some buys. We stopped for lunch at McDonalds around noon, and worked our way back to camper, on the way we saw a roadside stand and they were picking stuff out of the fields and bringing them up, doesn't get much fresher than that, we bought broccoli $1 head, cauliflower $1.50, large yellow and red pepper 3 for $1, 2 green tomatoes and 1 red tomatoe, and did you know brussel sprouts grows on like a long stalk, we aren't just eating sweets. The weather stayed in the low 50's with some sunshine, when we got back to the camper we started a fire outside since this is only the 2nd day without a heavy wind so we stayed outside most of the afternoon. I cooked dinner of stuffed peppers with fried green tomatoes, and as you can see the Amish girl came around again I asked her if she lived across the street she said know she showed us her farm way across the field on another road, probably about 2 miles and she walks here pulling her wagon of goodies, so we probably bought extra because of that.

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