Our 2015 Fall Trip travel blog

Julius Sturgis Pretzel factory

Where they shoot the flour through


This is where they kneaded the dough by hand

Buddy and his pretzel he made

My pretzel

The original ovens

The story of the pretzel

The night before last we had the heater going and last night we had the fan going and it was a very windy night, we thought at one time we were going to have to put the slide outs in since they have awnings of them and we were afraid they would tear, but we made it and it turned out to be a beautiful day today with temperature getting up in the 60's. We had breakfast in, Buddy made himself French toast with homemade bread and he made sausage, I only had sausage since I wasn't very hungry. We drove over to Litiz, PA and toured the Julius Sturgis Americas first pretzel bakery, we were shown how the pretzels were made back in the 1700's, they gave us a bag of pretzels for coming and I got a sample of a chocolate carmel coated pretzel, we enjoyed the tour. We decided to check out The Turkey Hill Experience which is where they make ice cream, well we talked to the lady at the desk and it isn't really a tour it's a hands on thing for kids and they show you on displays how it is done, the charge was $10.00 each and you really didn't see actually machinery so we decided it wasn't for us, so we headed back to Intercourse and decided to drive past the campground looking for the Amish man that made my mailbox that we bought from before, and we finally found his house and stopped and got prices, we have to go back with cash, well we ended staying and talking to him for an hour or more, we talked about politics, religion and raising kids we so enjoyed the talk. Well it is now about 2:30 and we were hungry so we ate lunch at Amos's restaurant it had good reviews, I got a cheeseburger and Buddy got a Reuben they were good, after eating we went to the Kitchen Kettle Village just an area with lots of shops, then back to the campground and done for the day.

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