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Wednesday Oct 28th…Yeppoon

It’s truck heaven out there on the Bruce hwy, and we’re part of it. I guess I slept eventually,mainly due to the lack of it the night before. Maybe the trucks actually thinned out a bit later in the night. Another annoyance from fellow(?) travellers. I know I bang on a bit about this but some people out here just don’t get it. About 4am I go out to take some pressure off the bladder, then snuggle back into bed. I hear a vehicle slowly driving past our C/T so I stick my head up for a look. This ginormous caravan is parked almost at our front door. Surely he’s not stopping THERE? Yep, he was. Thankfully after a bit of door slamming they go quiet…so they’re in bed. In the morning I’m wondering who the hell drives around in a caravan looking for a camp at 4am…..and then parks nearly on top of another camper. Then I see his rig…..about a 26ft van being towed by a Ford Ranger dual cab ute….there’s your answer right there, he’s a moron. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Anyhoo…they didn’t stir, still there when we left….maybe he’s nocturnal. Apart from that it’s a nice place to camp, gave it a tick in our camping Bible. We became oblivious to the traffic, similar to people living under aeroplane flight paths.

Set off ever further north. Miriam Vale was just up the road so stopped here to send yesterdays blog….just not enough signal strength from the campsite. Carried on to Calliope where we pulled in for a break. A coffee break no less. And some grocery shopping. Learnt from a local delivery driver about a flower up here called a trumpet flower, which is becoming a recreational substance which has already killed one person. Fries the brain apparently.

About 10kms out of Calliope we discover an “historical village” a small collection of old buiildings (about 12 altogether) which have been lifted from various places around the district and set up here on display. One was a masonic lodge building built in 1908 and moved 3 times in its 107 year history. Found this an interesting little museum, all run by volunteers. Seems there was a lot going on out here way back in the early 19th century. Gold was mined in Calliope until 1910.

Further north, near Gladstone it’s coal country, spotted a couple of looonnnngggg coal trains with 4 engines, one at the front, one at the rear and 2 in the middle. Our destination today was Yeppoon, don’t know much about it only that it’s on the coast and a park near the beach would be a change for us. Terri loves a swim in the ocean. Getting to Yeppoon meant driving through Rockhampton….actuall y getting to anywhere north means driving through Rockhampton, unless you do a big (hours) detour. So, 26 sets of traffic lights later (of which we got 25 reds) we see the sign to Yepoon, only 33kms to go.

Getting close, looks to be quite a big place, first caravan park sign I saw I followed to the Blue Dolphin caravan park. Expecting lots of shady trees and grass I was pretty disappointed. Our site had minimal grass and one tree….but it will be ok because it’s quiet here, mostly permanents quite a distance from us. I’ll take a bit of bare ground over crowds any day.

Got set up and had a late (2pm) lunch. Drove into the town looking for the beach, and pretty quickly found the foreshore. Parked and walked….where the bloody hell is the water? Tides out, the ocean is about 600 metres away. So went for a long walk on the wide wide beach out to the water, along the beach and back again. Nice temperature, no flies, I’m pretty comfortable right now….especially since we found a mango smoothie shop on the beach front. Back to the camp to start this blog, feeling lazy, maybe fish n chips tonight.

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