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Bernie Christensen, at Granite Creek

Tuesday 27th Oct

Well…..Thor decided to unleash the full force of his fury upon us last night (Monday night). About 11pm he decided to bang a few clouds together creating searing, scorching cracks of thunder and a spectacular light show that lit up our tent like some weird khaki discotheque. But this was no piddling 5 minute effort….for a full hour we were treated to this awesome display of mother nature at her fiercest…..and accompanying this onslaught was torrential rain. Probably got to sleep after midnight sometime but thankfully our C/T remained dry.

Stillwoke early, nice cool morning but nice in the sun. Canvas pretty much dry so packed up, folded up, hooked up and pulled out. Interesting sight about 15kms out of Kingaroy, just on the edge of a small village were about 100 brick homes, different colours, different designs but…..empty. Weeds growing up against the walls everywhere….just as if the project was finished and there wasn’t anyone to live there….weird.

Nice drive through here , undulating, rolling hills, lush vegetation and many small towns….some only 20 kms apart. All neat and clean, lots of wide expanses of freshly mown grass, and all seemed to have a nice grassed golf course. First largish town was Murgon, beautiful place , reminded me of Bridgetown. Massively wide main street with a 20 metre wide grassed and treed median strip. Found a nice coffee shop for our morning bonding, and then continued north.

.Pulled into Biggenden where the sign said “Biggenden, the friendliest place in the region”. Decided to fuel up here….obviously the bloke in the servo hasn’t seen the sign yet. Positively of middle eastern descent and looked like something strapped to his body under his shirt. Very serious gentleman. …..paid up and got outta there.

Went thru a few more villages before reaching Childers. Mr Google says Childers has a small population of only 1400 but….but…there’s a Maccas here. And the main street is full on busy….constant flow of cars and trucks. Then the penny dropped….the main street is part of the Bruce Highway. Bought an ice cream (same stuff as yesterday in Kingaroy) which was meant to be dessert but why wait? Dessert first and then some fresh buns were found to have with our peanut paste and asparagus. I also bought a small chocolate mudcake but couldn’t fit it in. Nowhere suitable to sit and eat (no river here) so found a nice bit of shade on the side of the Bruce Hwy to have lunch. Set off out of Childers with a bush campsite in mind further up the track. We’re in sugarcane country now, some fallowed paddocks, some with cane just out of the ground, some ready for harvesting and some already harvested. Seems to go all year round.

Passed thru’ another nice place called Gin Gin, out the other side a cop was booking a bloke who had screamed past us about 20kms back. Love Karma.

Pulled into a really nice , purpose built free camp site called the Bernie Christensen Rest Area, plenty of trees and grass and room for lots of vans even though there’s only one other here right now. Going to be a bit of traffic noise but getting used to it now. Just had a cuppa and the aforementioned chocolate mudcake….boy oh boy oh boy….shoulda bought two!!

Nice pasta for dinner in the twilight with the birds, about 100 metres away we have Kenworths, Macks and various other semis and B double racing past…..could be a noisy night.

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