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Monday Oct 26th…Kingaroy.

Happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me

A nice peaceful night, the rain cooled everything down and it wasn’t long before we were reaching for the blankets. Nothing planned for today except discovering Kingaroy.

Breakfast was early, 1st up a laundromat, this park doesn’t have a laundry being a showgrounds, so into town to get the washing done. Found the place and got things started, washed and dried by 9.15am. Terri has booked me a massage for 10am so plenty of time for a capo. Had apple slice with mine because it was “coffee and cake” deal….$6. Never been one to pass up a bargain. Found the massage shop, a few minutes early, but the lady arrived in a few minutes. Pretty good massage but boy oh boy, what a chatterbox. I think it’s a Queensland thing, people just love to talk. I would prefer silence but at 65 you get a bit tolerant.

After the massage we went looking for the peanut van. This what they do in Kingaroy….grow peanuts….and 46 years ago someone decided to sell some of these peanuts from a small van. The van is still in the same spot 46 years later. They sell all varieties of peanuts, we bought “Hickory Smoked”, “Honey Roasted” and “Horseradish Wasabe” (the last one not for me). Must have been 20 different flavours/varieties to choose from. Also bought a jar of peanut paste….haven’t had that for years.

Terri had picked out a place for lunch called “Taste of South Burnett”, a small café down a lane which had wine tastings from various local wineries and fudge tastings. The ice creams in the fridge looked so nice that we had dessert first. Mine was macadamia chocolateand Terris was “aphrodisiac avocado”….God only knows what THAT tasted like. Lunch for me was a small dish of pork and potato and bacon salad and Terri had a quiche. Afterwards we bought some wine (of course), some aniseed chocolate fudge (because it’s my birthday), some haloumi cheese and a “Chubby Duck” confit duck leg. This is already cooked and cryovac packaged so we only need to grill it slightly. Suffice to say it’s a specialty gourmet establishment….with prices to match.

Found a small park for a lay down in the shade for half an hour before heading to Gloria Jeans for a coffee. I went into Big W and bought another portable camp cooker because I’m tipping we’ll be doing a fair bit of cooking inside the C/T coming home thru’ the desert. Apparently the flies are bad out there. Amazed this town has a Big W, it’s barely 1/3 the size of Albany and seems to have most of the big franchises, KFC, Maccas….didn’t see a Bunnings but Home Hardware and Mitre 10 are here. There’s even an Aldi which is most surprising. After coffee we went for a drive around, really not a lot to do in Kingaroy, took a photo of the huge peanut silos….these are now full because the harvest is finished. Seeding next years crop is now happening.

Came back to camp for a rest and prepare a sumptuous feast for tonight. A tad annoyed right now, we’re the 4th van in a line, keeping far enough away from each other to respect everyone’s space and this dickhead has just backed his van into, what I would call, not his space. Then he and his lady set up their chairs, knock the tops off a couple of beers and start talking to each other as if they’re 20 metres apart. Then she gets on the phone and talks to one of her offspring in a LOUDER voice. This lady then asks the guy next to us if his dog is old because she’s got an old Jack Russel which is “unsociable”……then….and THEN….they turn their bloody radio on. The poor guy next to us has these dickheads nearly in his annex. Stupid part of all this is there’s acres of room along the line away from everyone. Bloody near hooked up and moved meself. We’ll be gone tomorrow. If that seems like a rant it’s because it was….some people just shouldn’t be allowed to buy a caravan….or maybe there could be a test.

Dinner and soon to bed.

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