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Sunday Oct 25th.

Up with the birds and before the sun. Interesting little snippet. We’re about 100m from the main road where there is a large truck bay. Obviously a good place for the truckies to stop and use the facilities and maybe catch up on some sleep. A couple of trucks were there last night and strangely kept Terri awake because they left their engines running to run the air cond to keep their cabs cool while they slept. Terri can sleep while there’s a head banging concert going on (as in Bourke) but the low “gdunk gdunk gdunk” of a big diesel idling 100 metres away kept her awake. I happily slept through it.

Hit the road before 7.30…real early birds. A tick of approval for the Collarenebri primitive camping ground.. Rolled into Moree 9ish where I sent off the pics for last nights entry. 4G internet made the process a lot quicker. Found a nice coffee shop for a relaxing interlude. Very impressed with Moree, one of those “I could live here” places. The magnificent golf course on the way in could have influenced me. A rich grain and cotton growing area, the soil here is almost black. Humoungous paddocks of grain, almost disappearing over the horizon….very flat country.

Next stop Goondiwindi and the NSW/QLD border. Found a spot on the river and made lunch. This is the home of Gunsynd, apparently came 3rd in the Melbourne cup. Went looking for a fruit and veg shop but nothing open, so headed north for Moonie. I had forgotten how crap the QLD roads were (from back in 2008) but it’s all coming back to me now. Rough as guts. Cannot believe a bitumen road could toss a car around like this one is doing. ….and corrugated too just to keep us on our toes. We’ve been on some beautiful smooth roads for so long, now this. Thought we could get some fruit in Moonie….nup….it’s just a roadhouse/motel on a crossroad. Fuelled up…only $1.22 a litre, cheapest yet, and sat on the verandah with a coffee (yuk). Moonie is the site of Australias 1st oil field, opened up in 1961 and still pumping 35,000 litres a day. It represents 1% of Australias oil reserves.

Carried on towards Dalby, the heart of Australias richest grain growing region. More massive paddocks, and big headers harvesting as we drove through. Noticed some strange structures in some of the paddocks….small fenced off areas with pipes and cylindrical attachments…never seen anything like it before. Would have seen about 20 dotted across several paddocks. I could be wrong but I suspect they’re coal seam gas installations…..huge controversy over here and throughout the world. Chugged through Dalby, spotted a fruit and veg shop open for business so pulled in for some stuff. Still plenty of time to get to Kingaroy where we plan to camp a couple of nights….the home of Jo and Flo….and peanuts. The countryside changed dramatically just north of Dalby in a matter of 20km. Went from wide open paddocks, very flat country to rolling hills and deep valleys and a winding road. Very attractive area. Because of our early start and then gaining an hour by crossing into QLD we’ve done over 600km today. Now settled into the show grounds caravan park. The only other park apparently is full because of a “shutdown for maintenance” at the Tarong power plant. Also just discovered the cinema is closed for 2 weeks….jeeezuz.

Looks like “Kingaroy” is an aboriginal word meaning “big urinal”….just came back from the showers…the urinal has got to be 8 metres long if it’s an inch. I have a university degree in useless information. Terri has got a degree in obfuscation, so we’re both well qualified..

Dinner in the KK C/T tonight will be a mushroom and chive risotto with baby peas. Followed by crocodile rocks mango, a choice of Lindt chilli or Arabica intense chocolate, macadamia nougat and the wine of the night will be a cheeky little Italian red, Merlo Italiano with a bright ruby-red colour, with a rich fruity bouquet. Bottled in Gambellara, Italy. The coffee machine is broken…sorry.

Just got the hatches battened down and the heavens have opened up….they have big drops here in QLD. Terri just made it back from the showers. A cosy dinner inside the C/T….ya gotta love them little portable gas cookers.

Going to lay back and enjoy the rain on the “roof”

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