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Morning tea at Rocky after getting fuel

Tthe constant release from the dam - looking down from the wall

Sunset over Lake Monduran

THURSDAY 15th October

Today we started our trip south; originally according to the itinerary we were to go to Town of 1770 but have decided we will skip that due to the business in that area at the moment and head to Lake Monduran. That would break up the trip to Harvey Bay a little. Rocky we gave the cars a drink and then a little further on the outskirts of town we gave the drivers and their wives a drink also. Miriam Vale made a good lunch spot and we added to the economy a little by trawling through the LifeLine store for a few bargains.

On entering the Lake Monduran campground and reading the board we were on alert as this weekend is a huge fishing comp and the campground will be full. So we paid for 1 night with the idea of getting out before the hoards descend tomorrow night. Today someone had caught a 97cm long barramundi - now that is a LOT of fish. Even the one mounted on the wall in the office is only a few cms longer at 107cm.

After providing the two girls with some entertainment as the two Rons tried to get the RonP van level, we headed into our vans to batten down as a nasty looking storm rolled towards us. It was all dark clouds and no action (thank goodness) so we then headed off to walk across the wall of the Fred Haigh dam during the last vestiges of light before returning for showers, tea and an early night.

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