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We arrived at 8:00 am as we were told. The trip was only 175 miles so the ship cruised at a slow speed thru the night. The harbor in Freeport is small with only our cruise ship and one other in port. They do have 4 large container ships loading and unloading containers. That is an interesting process to watch, which I did today. Everyone was going to go snorkeling today but now have decided that they do not want to do that. Instead they are going ashore and check out what shops are here. Candy returned to the ship because the shops all sell the same thing and she didn’t need anything. The kids decided that they wanted to find a beach and go swimming. They got a taxi and what they say is the ride was a harrowing experience, now for Carolyn it was crazy as she said. The driver drove like a wild man all over the road and very fast, if anyone has driven Carolyn anywhere you know how she is as for a back seat driver. The drive kept telling them the fare was $5.00 but for $7.00 he would take them to a much nicer beach. The couple that were also in the taxi paid the extra $2.00 per person and everyone ended up at the same beach, got to watch these guys.

They did get back to the ship safe and sound before we departed port. Tonight is dress up night for the evening meal, so we all got gussy up to slop food on our good clothes. So far the food has not been what we remember having aboard other cruises. It is just food like you would get in any restaurant. After that was done it was party time for all. Candy came back to the room to lie down, so I went with the kids to the Casino. Chip and Carolyn were playing Blackjack, they done very well winning, whenever you can walk away with more than what you started with is a good thing, which they did. Tammy and Stephanie tried the slots but lost a little and quit. I done the watching and that was it. After they switched up the Blackjack dealer Chip and Carolyn started losing, so they walked away winners. We then went to the Piano Bar they liked but it was too loud for me so I headed back to the room for the night, not sure when they call it a night.

Of this entire trip with all the sights we are seeing none make my heart more joyful but to see our four children laughing and having a great time together. They don’t get to be just them because they all have families to care for but not here, just have fun together. This is the highlight of my life to see them enjoying each other again.

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