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Chip and Candy arrested

Coast Guard Station

Cruise Ship

Budget Cruise

Motorhome from cabin balcony

Girls cabin

Our cabin

First stop on board, the bar

Empress deck where you board

This is the big day, we set sail today for our family cruise. Chip got up this morning and attended on of the local Lutheran Church’s while the rest of us sinners stayed back at the motorhome to get around. The girls hit the bathhouse here in the campground while Candy and I watched the fishermen launch their boats at the beautiful boat launch next to the campground. We saw guys with kayak’s go out and probably some of the biggest boats that can be pulled with a pickup put in. They were lined up waiting to get to the ramps, there were 6 ramps so that is a lot of boats going out to fish. It is amazing how small some of the boats are that guys go out in the ocean to fish. The fishermen before they go out are using seine nets to get bait fish along the shore, why buy bait if you can catch it. We strolled along the shore watching the boats go out and enjoying the early morning.

We got back to the motorhome and is was time to close it up and get ready to drive over to the cruise ship terminal. Chip had to return the rental car he got yesterday, so as soon as he was back we headed for the cruise ship terminal. This was only about 10 minutes from the campground, so fast trip. I thought the parking could be an issue with the motorhome but it was not, they have an area set up for large vehicles. We had put all the luggage in the truck because we read that there was a luggage drop off so this worked out great. We then started the check in process which was very fast and we were on board ship in less than 45 minutes. The rooms weren’t cleaned yet so we done some checking out of the Lido deck where all the food is. Had lunch then made our way to our rooms, which were ready for us now, but the luggage was not here yet. We have a balcony room so I got to watch them loading luggage, what an operation but it better be with 2,000 people coming aboard the ship. It was kind of neat to set on the balcony and watch all that was going on, even the police with the drug sniffing dog check things out.

Time finally came for us to depart. It is 4 pm and we were moving away from the dock in the rain. It had started to rain about 3:30, not a hard rain but was getting every thing wet. We toughed it out and stayed on the balcony and watched as we left port. It did start raining harder which drove us inside. Wouldn’t you know it with my luck but the scooter I had rented for the trip would not operate. We called the company we rented it from and they contacted the ship to see if they could fix it. The Chief Electrician came up and found out it had a blown fuse, which they don’t have. He made up a jumper wire and got it going. Now I have a scooter to run around the ship on. The kids are having a great time wandering around and meeting people from all over the world. They are really enjoying each other, they don’t get to do this normally. This is what it is all about, FAMILY. Our room is very nice and it has a bunk bed that Candy is going to sleep on tonight. It is a good thing we brought a electric strip because there is one outlet in the room and Chip needs his breathing machine or none of us will sleep tonight. We met our Cabin Porter today, his name is Alvin and he is from the Philippines. Very nice guy and speaks great English.

One of the strangest thing so far was as I was sitting out on the balcony a little bird, like a sparrow landed on the railing. Now we have been out of port about 4 hours which means we are way out a sea and here comes this little bird. Wonder if he paid for the cruise but missed departure? We must have cruised out of the storm because I can now look up in the sky and see stars, it is so great to be at sea again, it has been a long time for me.

We dock at 8 am in the morning in Freeport Bahamas for an 8 hour stay. Everyone is going snorkeling so we will see how that goes.

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