2015 Family Cruise travel blog

Family at Airboat dock

Burmuse Python

Bald Eagle

Cow in marsh

Porkchop the Pig

Spider size of your hand

Carolyn with Alligator

Stephanie with Alligator

Chip with Alligator

Tammy with Alligator

Mom with Alligator

Dad with Alligator

Family of Scooters


Something I didn’t think about was getting all 6 of us into the truck to go anywhere, oops. So Chip and I went down to the local car rental place and got a car for one day so we all could get around. After that we loaded everyone up and head for Christmas Florida. We were going to the Airboat ride at Midway for an hour trip into the marsh area. This place was way out in the marsh land and they had all kinds of animals in the building you checked in at. Had Pork Chop the pig laying around, he never did move, just grunted at people. They had a bunch of snakes which are not my forte but the Burmese Python was interesting to see. This is the snake that is raising havoc in the Everglades eating all the other animals, even alligators. It was time for us to load the airboat and start our little journey into the marsh. Ken the Captain was very knowledgeable about the entire area. What was odd was the cows that were out there in water up to their bellies eating the grass. They were free range cattle but Ken referred to them as calf cows. He said they would have a calf and the owner would sell the calf and wait for the next calf and sell it. The bad part is the cows are never checked on, just looking for calves. The cows will die out there and just decay, strange but that is free range cows. It was interesting we saw cows, horses, birds and one big spider the size of a person’s hand. We also saw a Bald Eagle as you see in the picture. We returned from out ride and everyone got to hold a 3 year old alligator as the pictures show.

We left there and it was time to feed everyone again, sure do eat a lot. We stopped at a place called Sonny’s BBQ, this was a great stop. They have some of the best baby back ribs I have ever had. The food was good, the service of good, and the company I was in was wonderful.

All of the ladies needed to do a Walmart run to get the last minute things for the cruise. You know where that leaves me, on the way tothe motorhome.

On their way to Walmart they stopped at the scooter rental and all of them rented scooters to scoot around for a while. That was great until it poured down rain and they all got soaked. It was good they were on the way to Walmart, they bought some dry clothes. While they were gone I printed out all the paperwork we needed for tomorrow so there will be no hiccups. They got back and we relaxed for the rest of this day. Something else the kids done was get another tattoo. As you see by the picture it is “Belanga est. 1970” the day we got married.

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