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Sioux Narrows to Eau Claire

Stopped for lunch at Orr MN



So with a bit of apprehension and a bit of excitement, we hooked up the fifth wheel this morning. The apprehension was because the fifth wheel was parked at such a slant in Lawrie's yard, we were afraid it might roll back once we unblocked the wheels. All went well as we hitched up, did our light check and walk around and hit the road.

During the trip south to the US border, we encountered a fair amount of road construction which is challenging as the crews build the road through the bedrock common in the Canadian Shield areas of Canada.

The border crossing was uneventful as we drove through Fort Frances and International Falls. The US border security wondered why we were crossing at International Falls when we had Sask. License plates and asked how long we would be in the States. He didn't seem too concerned that we were going to be stateside for more than four months. He was very friendly even though Shooter barked at him.

The drive through Minnesota was scenic as it was mostly multicolored forest, a wonderful blend of greens, yellows, reds, and oranges typical of the fall season.

Minnesota, like the Ontario region around Lake if the Woods, has many lakes, so fishing boats and boat dealers are a common site on the drive through the state.

We were surprised that the northern part of Wisconsin was still so forested. In fact, many areas were still quite green and hadn't had the first frost to color the leaves. Farther into Wisconsin, we encountered the rolling hills of the dairy farms where silos and barns were situated side by side, and the mature, ripe corn fields were plentiful. We boondocked for the night in the Walmart parking lot at Eau Claire, Wisconsin where we could replenish some groceries, buy a bottle of wine and relax for the evening.

Our excitement about our upcoming visit to Nashville escalated when John phoned to reserve our campsite at Grand Ole Rv Resort, north of Nashville and we heard the reservation clerk's nasal twang on the phone.

Pet Peeves for the day:

1) Ontario does not recycle pop cans & bottles

2) Minnesota does not post curve signs on their highways

3) Wisconsin does not post distance signs to the next town on state highways

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