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WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY WE HAVE. We have experienced many wonderful things traveling the roads of the US and Canada. From the Minutemen silos in SD to the corn covered plains of Canada; through the Rocky Mountains to Dawson Creek and milepost 1 of the Alaskan Highway; up the Klondike Loop seeing Wood Bison and goats and black bear; through the Yukon with a population of only 33,000; over the Top of the World Highway into Alaska at one of the smallest border crossings; to Fairbanks and up the Dalton Highway staying at a Forest Service campground 50 miles above the Artic Circle; seeing Denali and going to Seward and Homer and Whittier; back to the Alaska Highway because there is only one way in and one way out; Down the Cassiar Highway through Iskut which is just beginning to get electricity; to Jasper and the Icefield Road to walk on glaciers; to Banff and Lake Louise and back into the US to Glacier NP; to Yellowstone and east to Wyoming and then to Mt Rushmore and then though the plains of the Midwest where it seemed as though houses and barns and silos were drowning in a sea of corn. It has been one spectacular trip.

My high point was the Top of the World Highway. Very peaceful, majestic, lonely and magnificent. Few people try it, few people were there, but we made it. Some roads we would travel and not see another car for an hour. We could literally stop the RV on the road, get out and pee, and continue down the road.

We mostly stayed in National Parks and the Senior Access Pass saved us lots as did the Canadian Access Pass that we purchased. We adapted quickly to dry camping--with no services--and did very well. The generator got a workout when we could run it and we became expert at dumping our waste water.

The RV, Bette, worked real well. It was difficult to believe she could climb the mountains she did and slide down the other side in second gear with the brakes smoking. She is due for a rest and she will get it along with some needed repairs to put her back in top shape. I am sure she still has some mud between the wheels from the Klondike Loop that will be removed and we will get her all spiffed up for our next adventure--where ever that may take us.

This country is magnificent--GET OUT AND SEE HER.

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