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This message is for folks from Florida

Finnish windmill

Didn't believe us?

Early Wisconsin postal truck

Wisconsin's first school bus...just hook up the horses and off we go!

Progressive thinking in 1903

Approaching the North Pole

Lawn concert in idyllic Bayfield

Bayfield looking across to Madeline Island

On our way to the Apostle Island Tour

Loaded car ferry arriving from Madeline Island

Apostle Island shoreline

View from the sunset cruise ship

Devil's Island Lighthouse built in 1901

Original and still used fish camp on the island

Superior (in many ways) sunset

Deb looked for her relatives on this road

None here...

Or here!

Ahh, Lake Superior - calm breeze, warm water, and the smell of salt in the air. Then I woke up. We were still by Lake Superior, but the breeze was about 30 knots, the water temperature was 50 degrees, and guess what? - there's no salt in Lake Superior.

From our first base at Duluth, MN and our second at Cedar, WI we visited the Bayfield Peninsula that leads to the Apostle Islands and northern Wisconsin. The drive from Duluth to Bayfield is a lovely trip through farmland that is adjacent to Lake Superior, a pleasantly interesting contrast. We stopped at a historic windmill built by Finns who were among the first non natives to inhabit the area. We also visited Cornucopia, home to the northernmost post office in Wisconsin. We chose that spot to mail Troy his birthday card. Not far away is Port Wing which has maintained the first school bus from 1903 and a postal truck dating to about the same time. Their leaders established the first consolidated school district in Wisconsin to serve children from around the area, thus leading to this mode of transportation to and from school.

Bayfield is the jumping off (okay, floating off) point for observing the 21 Apostle Islands, all but one of which comprise the Apostle Islands National Park. It is a beautiful and historic chain of islands in Lake Superior that have been mined, forested, and fished from for hundreds of years. They are also neighbors to a number of shipwrecks that can be seen via a glass-bottom boat. The SS Edmund Fitzgerald is not one of them, but that ill-fated ship did pass by the Apostles on its last voyage from Superior, WI to the bottom of Lake Superior near Sault Ste. Marie, MI. We opted for the sunset cruise around the islands on a beautiful day with fabulous cloud formations along the horizon at sunset.

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