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Today we visited the mount Etna, a cable-car tour from 2000m to 2900m in 15 minutes. The height of the fare, gave me the impression that I bought the entire cable-car company. Anyway, a stunning view from the summit, which we reached by 4WD buses after a 20 min ride on steep slopes. The crater rim has places where the temperature goes up to 50°C and higher, even if you dig 30 cm into the ground only, reminding that the universe is within reach.

A few hours later we started the descent and arrived back on the “ground level” of our hotel. We had our lunch, somewhere at a ristorante, where prices were as high as the mountain itself!!!

The evening was nice and chilly, but that was compared with temperatures in the valley of far over 30°C.

The next day, we checked out at 10:30 and left the summit for a tour along the east coast.

The temperature was rising quickly back to normal 35°C and after a ridiculous ride, my navvi lady doesn't has a clue how to drive in mountains, we were back on the sea level, took the national highway to Taormina, drove through it, saw it and decided for ourselves; nice town, if you have some spare money to spent as fast as possible. Very nice hotels with fantastic prices. A nice view over Messina Straits, but why are there so many Italians!!!!! The really don't care about their heritage. Dirt all over, parked vehicles, even on the road and still overtaking.

We continued to Messina to find the terminal for the ferry, which we found, turned back, left the city and drove to Milazzo, where we relaxed at a modern shopping mall, with normal clean parking spots, clean shops, nice prices, just to kill time, because our ferry was due to depart on 02:00 the next morning. It was 20:30, so we had plenty time.

After I bought 15 kilos of italian bread flour, we returned to Messina, parked the car at the ferry terminal, as number one and returned by foot some 500m to a truckers bar, where they had cold beer and something to eat. Around 23:00 we embarked, parked the car back again in the bilges, checked in, received 2 towels from the stewardess, a voucher for an Italian breakfast (put it in your pipe and smoke it) and returned to our cabin. At 23:30 I fainted and the ferry departed at around 02:30. I was in deep coma....

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