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Now it's getting interesting.

Arrived Paris in a rain storm, just like leaving Jackson - soaked at both ends. Decided to take the RER train to the city, having done it before and remembering that it worked well. The person at the airport told me that it would drop me at a Metro station near my hotel. Of course, I either missed the stop or the train took the other fork. Got off the train thinking I would just get a cab the last short distance. After getting soaked, I got a cab, he couldn't find my little street with the hotel even on his GPS, and I am thinking this is great: traveled for many hours and am tired and can't find the hotel. This was before I learned that Uber is here. So if it's not Metro from here, it's Uber.

Later Wednesday night, I met with friends and family, who are here for the nephew wedding in Versailles, at a French Fusion restaurant (read - small portions). Voted by several in our group as the best meal they have ever had! I will have to get the name and add it to the next post for all you foodies.

Recruited Alex, a young American woman, to help my translation of my wedding toast into French. The grammar will be correct, the accent of the presenter not so much.

A bientôt

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