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Flowers will be gone soon

It did get a little chilly last night, it was down to 39 degrees when we rose for the day, had the furnace on. Girls when to church this morning and I was finishing some spots of the yard that were not done yesterday. Got the hose line run so they can pump up the mower tire if needed where it is parked. Got the barn blown out and also the mower cleaned up. Had a bunch of papers in the barn that needed to be burnt up so I got to be a fire bug today. At the entrance to the driveway there were some overhanging limps that kept rubbing on the motorhome when we came in so Candy and I got the saw out and trimmed trees, shouldn’t have an issue now. Stayed busy all day moving some stuff around in the barn to make more room. Now all the equipment, mower and gator, are all gassed up and there is 10 gallons of gas in the barn if Joan needs it.

Candy is getting the wash done now so she don’t have to do it when we get home tomorrow. We will probably leave for home in the morning but you never know when we will get there, may find some where we want to stop.

The girls drove over to the Paw Paw Grape Festival and when they returned I found out that I had bought Candy a ring for her birthday. I am such a great person. I take her to a pig roast and buy a pretty ring for her birthday.

Did hear some great news today. My longtime friend Ed Labo, who is fighting Leukemia, had a bone marrow transplant a month ago, went in for a checkup this past week and there are no Leukemia cells in his bone marrow. I am so happy for Ed, Tracy and Reed. God is great. Ed and I worked together for the last 25 years when I was employed.

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