2015 Lawton Pig Roast travel blog

Chicago Clan

Waitas Estate



Woke up this morning to rain. It wasn’t raining very hard but just enough to make it wet outside. I needed to get the grass cut but had to wait for it to stop and dry out a little. In the mean time needed to replace a GFI and fix the sink in Bud’s bathroom. Saw what parts I needed so off to the local hardware I went, the girls had to make a Costco run to Kalamazoo. As I was going out of the motorhome 12 turkeys were walking across the drive way, they looked about eating size so lucky I didn’t have a gun or we could have had turkey for supper. They wander across the street to the fields over there. As I returned one of the turkeys was standing in the middle of the road, must have a death wish. I got the sink fixed and replaced the GFI which all work now. The rain had stopped with the sun out so now it was time for me to do my Forest Gump impression, cut grass. Did get it all done today so don’t need to worry about that.

Bud’s cousins, Bob, Don and Sue, drove in from Chicago to be here for the pig roast and visit the grape festival that is going on in Paw Paw this weekend. They are really very nice people and it is amazing how they get around. As we are talking Joan made a comment about being the oldest, they corrected her because Bob is 87, his wife Sue is older than he is, and Don is 83. I sit looking at them and they look so much like Bud when he was a younger person. They stay at one of the local motels in Paw Paw when they come. We are hopping tomorrow will be a better day than today with the rain and cloudy day we are having.

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