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September 4,

Oh, what a beautiful day, sunshine, hot, the perfect weather to sit in the car, whole day!!!!

Leaving the hotel "Schachener Hof", after dropping my tablet on the bottom and cracking it's touchscreen, I considered it, a beautiful start of a new day for traveling.

First going to the local supermarket to return the empty bottles, to get your refund in Germany, or you dispose them off properly in Austria.

Keep Germany tidy, throw your litter in Austria!!!

Refueling the car at the last LPG station before Austria, we crossed the border Germany>Austria by national highway, we didn't want to pay the toll in Austria.

A ridiculous system, where, if bought in advance, you get a sticker for the windscreen, with the determined days to travel over Austrian Expressways.

Whointhehell knows one month in advance, when, where and how he's going to drive through this geographic anomaly!!!!

The trip through Austria is 20Kms only, which I consider long enough, pretending Austria is only 20Kms across, which is big enough. We looked anxiously for a magnet to clad our refrigerator(this item will return a few times more during our trip), no parking space at the souvenir shop @ Bregenz, so we continued towards the Austrian-Swiss border, which we reached 1245 seconds later. Our 2nd Country on the road.

Once in Switzerland on the Expressway, our 3rd Country on the road, we headed for Chur > San Bernardino > Locarno, with a small detour over Liechtenstein, our 4th Country on the road, visiting the Castle of the Prince of Liechtenstein,

after which we looked for the missing fortune of the Philippine Government, looted by the Marcos-Clan in the 80's, which we finally found at the BDO-Branch in Vaduz (Banco de Oro, for the non-Filipinos among you), not much of a tago ng tago (hide & seek). At the market, we bought the missing magnets for Austria, Switzerland and the Liechtenstein one. Next investment will be a new refrigerator, a bigger one, to carry all those magnets!!!! How common!!!!

Crossing the river Rhine, we were back into Switzerland, direction Chur, where the Expressway narrowed to a dual carriageway and later to a single carriageway, sloping up to 13%, tunnel in, tunnel out, etc. until we reached the Splügen pass @ the lake. Time for a sandwich with Bündnerfleisch!!!!

From there on, as the temperature rose constantly, we descended towards Bellinzona, where we joined the A1 Autobahn southbound to Locarno. Once we passed Locarno and Ascona, the road degraded into a small sentiero, fringing along the Lago Maggiore for some 25 Kms until we crossed the border with Italy @ Bressago, our 5th country on the road and all in one day!!!

Finally we arrived in the town of Cannero Riviera, which is a small peninsula on the Lago Maggiore,

just out of town more fun was awaiting us at the entrance to the B&B, which was at the right side of the road, with a hill climb of 20% and just space enough to turn a Vespa or a Fiat 500(old model). So we decided to continue a few meters and make a vuelta to attack the hill from the other direction with my battle ship!! Next time I drive an Escalade!!!!!

Funny place, this B&B Villa Angelina,

with a cable car for the luggage, good idea by the way. The room with big terrace provided a stunning view on the lake and town, see the pictures!

A beautiful afternoon with 25°C and no wind, giving me the feeling that I got something I didn't deserve! Wait and see!!!!

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