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My last German schnitzel

Up and in the shower early this morning and I am out in time to watch us come into port on the spycam. Yay finally we are off the ship - was doing our head in................actually Dave and I are both surprised that at this stage we have not killed each other - we have had a couple of snappy moments but apart from that it hasn't been to bad. Now where was I - yes up to the pool deck with our hand luggage as we have 2 hours now until we disembark. So grab a bite but so not interested in food - have put on so much weight - will need to do some exercise and eat salad for a month!! Anyway our time comes along and off the ship we go - very easy scan card, grab luggage and jump on shuttle bus into the town centre.

We are in the town by 10.00am but do not leave for Copenhagen until 3.00pm. So we go into the station to see if we can change it for an earlier ticket - we could go to Flensburg earlier but would still have to wait for the train to Copenhagen so we would not save any extra time. We decided to go and have a coffee and due to the fact we had free wifi I wanted to check my emails to ensure there were no changes to travel plans. So we sat down and had a lovely coffee and waited for all my emails to come through - and guess what. There is an issue with our trip from Kiel to Copenhagen. I didn't understand what the email meant as it was saying it could not identify our trip - and also said it was only for one passanger. So back to the station info desk and this lovely German lady who spoke very good English helped us out. She said she is not sure why we got the email and it also made no sense to her - all of our trains are running as planned. However she did say that we only hand 9 minutes to change trains in Flensburg and was concerned that we may miss our main train to Copenhagen - so she changed that for us and gave us just shy of an hour in Flensburg (just in case of any issues) - which meant we left Kiel at 2.30pm and we had one less change of trains too which was good.

So happy with that we decided maybe we could do some laundry - found the laudrette about 5 minute walk from the train station. Left our main luggage in a locker at the station (5 euro for everything for up to 24 hours) and off we went and popped our washing in a machine. Funnily enough right next door was a schnitzel place that also sold beer. So whilst waiting for our clothes we went there - and I promise this time - it is my last German schnitzel - hehehehe - I could live on these - love them. So it came out and was massive with the most amazing chips - washed down with a beer - fantastic all for less than 15 euro for the pair of us. Go back next door - washing is dry and we walk back to the station. We decide to stop off and grab some supplies that we have run out of (toothpaste etc) - it is just so cheap here. I really do like this place a lot and think I could live here with ease. Now off to the station - grab our luggage from the locker and wait on the platform for our train.

Now this was the first time I have not really understood the train system - it was very confusing and we had no idea what train we were meant to be on - we were on the right platform and the train was leaving at the time stated - it just didn't seem to be going to Flensburg. So we found someone to ask and they said this was the correct train - so we got on popped our luggage in the holder found a great seat and sat back to relax - the trip is about 1 hour and 15 mins. Anyway still not hearing the station Flensburg in any announcement I was started to get a little nervous as I was not sure if we were heading in the right direction. We stopped at a station and we were told to get off as this carriage was terminating - we were confused then found out the front carriage only was going to Flensburg and we were in the second carriage - so we quickly grabbed our luggage and went running up the platform and made it into the train (just) before it left. Phew made it and now all the stops say Flensburg - I am now happy we are going in the right direction - finally can relax.

We arrive in Flensburg and work out where and when our next train is leaving and Dave has to do a double check at the info counter as it looked like we had to get off somewhere and catch a bus - but no it is all good - straight to Copenhagen central station - which is where we need to be. We go and grab a coffee (disgusting) and have a look to see what is here - what a gorgeous place this is. Now we are kicking ourselves that we didn't come here earlier and spend a few hours here exporing - it looks beautiful. So I strongly suggest you guys look at Flensburg when you go to Germany - well worth it I would say.

So now we are on our last leg to Copenhagen - on the right train all is good. It is about a 3 hour trip but it is so roomy and comfy on this train. We have a great seat, great views and a lovely day - even though the train is quite slow it is very enjoyable - get to see all the lovely villages etc. Finally arrive in Copenhagen at 8.45pm - not quite dark and right in the middle of it all. Our hotel is next door to the central station and across the road from Trivoli - so this should be nice to explore for a couple of hours. We go to check in and it appears the hotel no longer has our room available - apparently some kind of human error! WTF - this is so not good enough - so a tired David and Robyn voiced their disapproval loudly. He has told us he is putting us up in another hotel and has organised a taxi for us - apparently this other hotel is within walking distance!! The taxi finally comes along and we head off to our other hotel - and it is about a 15 minute taxi ride!! WTF - it is now 10.30 at night - I am tired, hungry and angry - not a good combination. We have no idea where we are and the only thing that appears to be open is a seven11 across the road. So we go over there to get something to eat (luckily they sell alcohol) - and we realise that the train station attached to this shop has trains that go direct to the airport - so we work out what we need to do so we can get ourselves to the airport first thing in the morning.

Back to our room and eat our bit of crap food and drink our beer and go to bed for a 5.00am start tomorrow!!

Unfortunately due to this visit - Copenhagen is not my favourite place and I would seriously consider writing it off for good!!

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