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Today we are at sea all day - and need to ensure we change our time due to the crossing of the time line. I decide to add up my receipts to see how we are going against our drinks package - needs to pay for itself you know!! So I add it up and do not believe it - so do it again - can you believe we have already spent 70 euro over our package cost? Still have a full day at sea to add to this - so yes you could say it has paid for itself!! I think it is all David as I am sure I have not been drinking that much - hehehehe. So no rush this morning - up and out to breaky about 9.00am. OMG it is freezing today and raining - so will not be spending the day on the pool deck. So after some time up there we make our way down to the Savannah bar.

All the pool deck activities have been moved to the Savannah bar due to the weather so it was quite full on down there. We found a back corner and ordered a cocktail (Dave had a beer) and then Jenny and Geoff found us. So we sat there drinking and chatting away - they are a fab couple full of fun and laughter. We pop up to the buffet for a bite to eat - and meet up with Ken and Viv - so we take over an area and sit there drinking, chatting and laughing for a couple of hours, before deciding we probably should have a little rest before dinner at 6.30pm and getting back into the drinks again.

I am fine - but Dave needs a nap due to all the whiskey he has been drinking today. So back in the room I decide to pack and get ready for disembarkment tomorrow morning whilst Dave sleeps. You know as much as this cruise has been relaxing and I have seen some cities that are on my bucket list - I doubt I will do another cruise. It is really not my cup of tea (nor David's). We have decided to try and be brave with future travel - this will probably be by train - hopping off where it suits us - staying as long as we like - then moving onto the next place when we are ready. However we do not regret what we have done so far - we have covered a load of ground - made some fabulous friends - and seen so much that I wanted to see - just saying that now we have done it like this we are now more confident to do it ourselves. Jenny and Geoff have said the same - this is their first cruise and they probably will not do another one. At least I have done it and have managed to be fine the whole time (which did concern me greatly - hence why I had a massive supply of kwells) - and have only had one major panic attack and one night of real restlessness - 7 days has really pulled us up and we have both said if it was a longer cruise we would be getting off now regardless!!

So we go down to dinner - it is almost like the final supper with the new friends we have made. It is a great dinner full of chatting and laughter - swapping email addresses and informing each other they are always welcome in our homes. It is amazing how quickly you make friends with people whilst travelling - Jenny and I got along like a house on fire from the first night we met. She is such good value. So after dinner we all decide to go our seperate ways as we all have different disembarkment times in the morning. We go and do a final check of the room and David decides he wants to go to the Casino for a bit - I let him go as I don't like the Casino much as everyone smokes in there and it is horrid. He is actually not gone too long before he has lost his 5 euro and comes back. We have a quiet night as it is an early morning tomorrow - need to be out of the room by 7.00am.

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