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Cathedral we found in Helsinki

Main centre of Helsinki

Market stalls

Today we do not arrive in Helsinki until midday - so a nice little sleep in and then on the pool deck. We have breaky and a couple of coffee's and watch the entrance into Helsinki - this is full of rock and islands and is quite tricky for a ship's captain I would think. Dave is fascinated and goes from one side of the ship to the other to watch the way it manouvers itself into the port. We arrive early and manage to get off the ship about 11.45am.

We grab ourselves a map and head off on foot (need the exercise). Off we go too explore this lovely city. There appears to be a load of hot cars and bikes around and the gender is quite young. We walk through all the back streets and see some fascinating scenery and buildings. We hit the city centre and the atmosphere here is really lovely and lay back. So we walk through the lovely gardens down to the "Market Square". This lies on the edge of the canal where all the sight seeing cruises leave. We purchased a punnet of strawberries and rasberries and sat down to eat whilst we watched the world go by for a bit - OMG this fruit is the best I have ever tasted - so delicious. We then went for a wander around the market stalls checking out the local food and then the merchandise. It is interesting as everything sold revolves around reindeer.............and Lapland (which I might add is on my bucket list to go to - not sure Dave is so keen to see due to the brrrr freezing cold weather there).

We decide to walk back to the ship round the water's edge - this is about a 70 minute walk. It is absolutely beautiful and well worth it - great views of all the islands etc. We find this fab little lookout that overlooks the port and take some pics. Many people out walking their dogs so have to stop and pat them (miss my puppies). It is such a beautiful place here and can be used as a central hub. By ferry to Tallinn is only 50 euro - it also close to St Petersburg and Stockholm - so can be used to explore many exciting places without being too expensive. This place was also on my bucket list so big tick there. We get back to the ship about 4.00pm (need to board by 4,30pm). We have a little snack as we want to go to our restaurant sitting at 6.30pm tonight.

Sitting on the pool deck drinking cocktails to ensure we get value from our drinks package - Jenny and Geoff come and join us for a drink or three. Then Hycinth and Richard Bucket see us and join us for a drink and catch up too. So for the next couple of hours we drink cocktails (Dave is drinking whiskey), talk, laugh and have a great time. The ships pulls away from port and we don't even realise - then the boys start talking about the islands the captain needs to navigate through. It was a lovely afternoon and great weather.

We then join the others at dinner and have a lovely time with red wine - I had the salmon ravioli in pumpkin sauce followed by the duck - OMG amazeballs. After dinner we go down to the Savannah bar for pre-show drinks. We then go into the theatre to watch the Samari ?? show (Dave promptly passes out on my shoulder during the show). It was quite good with great lighting etc and light hearted entertainment. I wake Dave up and as we walk through the bar to go back to the room I make him have a little dance or two with me - hehehehe. Back to the room so he can pass out for the night - I decide I am not happy with the ships movement - so take some kwells and stay up for a bit!! The rocking of the ship is not the best feeling in the world - and the old Robyn seems to be shining tonight...................

Food rating

Salmon ravioli - 7.5 Duck - 8.9

No beer rating today - will need to wait until we arrive back in the UK.

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