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Beautiful Stockholm

Ok so think I have fixed issues with anxiety - as I was fine last night. Today we dock in Stockholm - Dave has been awake for a couple of hours watching us come in through the islands on the spycam. We dock at 9.00am so we are up, had breaky and ready to disembark by 9.30 (decided to let the crowds disperse first). The ship offered a deal on the "hop on hop off" bus - so we took that up as the docks are a fair way from the city.

Stockholm is made up of several islands which I did not know - and it is so clean, crisp and pristine. We spent a good couple of hours on and off the bus, taking pics and learing about the history of Stockholm. Again another city very proud of their heritage and they seem to respect it also. They are also highly educated and it was lovely to see that graffity is not tolerated here! City Hall was fascinating - this is where the Nobel Prize dinner is. We saw about 4 to 5 islands, however the very heart of the city is not for me - too many people! We saw the changing of the guard parade which was fabulous and stops the city. We then ended up at the Abba museum - yes folks you guessed it. We only walked around the shop as the museum tour takes over 1 1/2 hours which we didn't have as we needed to get back on the ship by 3.00pm. However I did spend a bit of time in the shop and got some photo opportunities which was awesome. We then walked down the boardwalk to the museum which is yet another fascinating building - before making our way back to the bus to get back on the ship.

We were back by about 2.30pm and sat on top deck and had cocktails at the pool bar. We stayed there for quite some time watching the ship depart and go through all of the islands - this was awesome. It got to the point where everyone on the ship decided the top deck was the place to be - so we decided to move..............we found this bar that we did know existed - the Shaker Bar!! Perfect views of the islands and houses etc - so we stayed there for a few hours - we were the only people in this bar!! By about 8.00pm we decided to have some food at the buffet - I had a plate full of vege and Dave had roast.

After some time out up there we went back down to the Savannah bar and met up with Jenny and Geoff. We all decided to go to the show at the theatre - Moulin Rouge style. It was great we had a lot of fun and laughter. When it finished Dave tripped up the steps (twice) mind you he had been drinking whiskey all afternoon (need to get money worth out of drinks package). He did hurt himself a bit I do believe - however you know me - I thought it was funny - well from my angle it was. From here we went to the Shaker bar as there was meant to be a 60's, 70's 80's night on - well that was crap - a load of crap - we stayed for one drink - bid our new friends goodnight and hit the sack ourselves.

Due to buffet food decided not to rate - and Dave has not changed his beer yet!

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