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Mini golf

Daves pic of the pool (trying fancy photography)

Dave on the ship

Well not the best night at all. I woke up about 3.30am and the boat had a little rock up, it was pitch black and I started to have a panic attack!! I managed to breath my way through it but it took a couple of hours to settle myself down. All day at sea today - not sure how I am going to go with that. Anyway we get up and going about 8ish - upstairs to the buffet for breakfast - OMG the food up here is out of this world. I only want a piece of toast. Anyway because we have the drink package we can have barista made coffee instead coffee out of the machine - good place to start.............. I ended up having a cooked breakfast - for the first time in ages - cause it looked so good. Dave found some porridge and fruit and followed it up with toast. Now what to do today.

We explored the top decks with mini golf, tennis, table tennis, foosball, board games etc. Thought another coffee would go down well so sat at the pool bar and had that. Watched and aerobics class - no I did not participate - hehehehe. Then went and explored the rest of the boat and bars. Started drinking cocktails before lunch - as you do with a drinks package and nothing else to do. Met up with a couple from our table last night and had a chat for a bit and they then went in their direction and we ours. We had some more food at the buffet - cause there is nothing else to do apart from eat. All I wanted was some pizza - so went to pizza bar - mmmm nom nom - give me a glass of red with that.

Now what to do for the afternoon. Well a little browse through the shops a look at our picture that was taken when we arrived - yeah no wont be buying that - and oh look the Savannah Bar - best we go and have a drink. It was a about a 2 meter swell and a slight rock - so thought it best just to keep drinking cocktails. Our friends Jenny and Geoff found us and we sat there half the afternoon chatting away and drinking - oh yes - cocktails. I have tried just about everything on the menu and have decided I like the strawberry dacquari the best. They went for a little lie down and we decided to move to the top deck for a bit and drink coctails from the pool bar (need to make sure the drinks package pays for itself).

We decided not to eat in the restaurant tonight as it is too early to eat. It is also Gala Cocktail night - and we don't have suitable attire. So we stayed up on the top deck and ate small meal at the buffet (I just don't know how some of these people can constantly eat the way they do on here - would make me feel ill - actually already totally sick of seeing food). We sat there and people watched for a bit - interesting to see what people wear to Gala Cocktail evening (not sure why I was concerned about not having suitable attire). We thought about going to the show - but it was called "Gotham" and didn't really appeal to us. We were exhausted by not doing much today so ended up having an early night at about 9.30pm. We got to the room and I turned the temperature down to quite cool and left the tele on for some light (on the spycam channel - with no sound). Still can't believe I have not taken any kwells since I have been on board - still asking myself where the old Robs has gone as this one is coping reasonably well with being on the water.

Due to buffet food - decided not to rate - and Dave has not changed his beer yet!

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