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David in fire drill

Robyn in fire drill

We had a lovely sleep last night and a slow morning this morning - not required to do anything at all. So had breaky and a few espresso's (from our lovely espresso machine) - it was so quiet outside. We went out to explore for a bit and there was hardly anyone around. But loved the feel of the place. Back to the room at 10.30am with morning tea and another espresso. We repacked our luggage and popped our cruise labels on. Then stowed it away in the luggage compartment of the apartments.

We decided to walk to the Cruise Terminal at the port - it wasn't very far. There were 3 ships docked - but none of them were ours - so we thought that it may come later as were not sailing until 7.00pm. So we walked back through the town - which was much busier now due to the cruise ships. We walked over to the otherside where it was quieter - and found this lovely area to have a few beers and something to eat. My last schnitzel before we leave Germany. It is just so cheap here - so after some food and a few pints of Duckstein (and half a packet of kwells) we decided to grab our luggage and make our way to the ship (check-in was from 2.00pm).

Back at the apartments there was a mother and daughter (from Mexico) catching the same ship as us and didn't know where to go. So we told them to follow us as we had been there earlier today. So we go through the main part of town dragging our luggage behind us and get to the passenger terminal. Our ship is still not there and now we are starting to get worried. Both myself and the couple from Mexico had checked online this morning and this was definately the place to embark the ship. So we finally found someone who spoke English and asked them - apparently there was a last minute change and the ship is docked over the other side. You are kidding me - it is definately not walking distance!! They called us a cab - he finallly came - but would only take 2 of us - the girl tried to explain where we needed to go but you could tell he didn't understand. The girl also called another cab for the couple from Mexico. Anyway our cab driver asked about 6 more people where to go before he started off - then he started taking us - in what I thought was the wrong direction! Finally we arrived and saw our ship docked (breathed a sigh of relief). It was at an old cargo terminal not at all set up for passenger ships - we had to catch a shuttle bus over to the actual ship then walk through some weird areas before going through all the crap to actually get on.

We got on board and went to our room to put our hand luggage down and our normal luggage arrived the same time. So I unpacked - sick of living out of a suitcase. We then decided to explore the ship and have a drink (need to make the drinks package pay for itself). We were all confused as to the dinner sitting and what we needed to do as it was not explained real well - then we found out we were first sitting for evening meal (not second as it was on our ticket). So we had to do a compulsory fire drill then it was time to dine. We found out where we needed to be and were on a table with 2 x aussie couples and 1 x New Zealand couple. They all seemed quite nice - however Dave said the couple he was sitting next to reminded him of Hyacinth and Richard Bucket - so that is what he called them. He is such a prat at times. Anyway we set sail whilst we were eating and I had no idea we were moving until David said something. The tug pulls you out for about an hour here before letting go. I have to admit I was very surprised at how smooth it all was. We made friends with Jenny and Geoff and went for drinks at the Savannah Bar with them - we found this is the only bar that offers decent beer (everywhere else Dave is stuck with Heinekin) here he can drink Murphy's Irish Red. I don't care where we drink as all the bars do cocktails - bahahahaha. So after we got to know each other a bit better we decided to call it a night.

Food rating

Restaurant.........Mussels - 7.5 Turkey breast with mushroom sauce and potato - 7.5 Grilled fish with beans - 5.5

Dave beer rating

Duckstein - 8.6 Murphy's Irish Red - 6.2

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