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Shipshewana Campground

Spend a restful night here at Master Tec. We went out for supper at the local restaurant called the Cock Doodle, which is located just down the street. It is a small place but the service is great, food not bad and the prices are very reasonable. They got us in around 8 am so the mechanic could get back to work on the slide. He found it was binding when it was all the way in, got it fixed now. We are waiting for them to find the guide to install. They contacted Gulfstream about the guide and they don’t have any so they are looking elsewhere for one, we will see. Finally Tim, the owner, say that they can make the guide, which he did. We drove down to the local WalMart so Candy could get some grapes. When we returned the job was done. Candy when to pay the bill but Tim said everything was covered. They fixed the slide, which now works great, and put a cover they had on the roof vent. This was a great stop, it didn’t cost us anything.

Pulled out at 2 pm heading for home. Candy wanted to stop at E & S Bulk Food in Shipshewana but decided that we would stay at the Shipshewana Campground for the night and leave in the morning. Sounds good to me so we got our site, I set up and Candy went to E & S. It is now about 4 pm and this is the normal time for us to get off the road, so why not.

Shipshewana was named after a local Potawatomi Indian.[8] The Shipshewana post office was established in 1889.

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