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Chania harbour

Delivery man

Horse in hat

Zorba poster

Golly sleeping habits Pt.1

Even with the shutters down all day, the apartment is very hot when we get home. We have to put the shutters down again before bed ( the sunrise might wake us up!)

So last night we moved the fan to the foot of the bed and left it on high all night. Together with the ceiling fan, this created better cooling so J&C had a slightly cooler night and slept better.

Doesn't help me much! ( I'm made of wool)

We awoke at 8 - no swim today as we want to leave earlier for a day at Chania. By the time our washing was finished, and we got advice from Judy our landlady, it was about 11. She told us that the Apollon parking station might be best - not a long walk to the old town, and it stays open all day and night. Tom was programmed, and we headed off. Surprisingly he took us there without hassle. We simply handed our car over and received a receipt - they park it for you!

There was a bit of retail therapy on the way into the town (𯘕 ), then a cold drink. As we got closer we found the Agora ( large covered old market) - cheese shops, fruit, spices, nuts, leather.... Then we found ourselves in the old town - narrow paved streets and even narrower alleyways. Shops of all kinds, restaurants and cafes by the hundred, tourist shops....... The buildings are old , many Venetian and Turkish , some crumbling, some restored. There are the remains of the city walls being preserved and restored, then the Venetian harbour with fortifications on the western side and a large curved seafront crammed with restaurants. Extremely scenic. Further around the Great Arsenal, the sheltered harbour with sponge sellers and charter boats, plus yachts and cruisers from all over the world.

We ate at Evie's , one of scores of near identical restaurants, with near identical set tourist menus at near identical prices. It wasn't expensive and the quality was ok. After more retail therapy, and more cold drinks, we found a Zorba's the Greek exhibition - closed! But open again at 6! More cold water and a bit more wandering, and we went back. It was a great exhibition - movie posters from all over the world, records, costume designs, letters, telegrams, photos, location photos,and other artefacts . They also had the beach dance scene on video. Long live Zorba ! wrote J in the visitor book.

Hungry again so pannacotta and pistachio ice cream was consumed. J managed to find the track back to the car park. It was only 8 euro for the day which was good .

Tom took us home to Vamos via the bakery - fresh bread and Baklava. Tea was bread and cheese, wine, and baklava.

It was a good day!

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