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Eiffeil Tower

Standing underneath the tower

Dave new car


Views of Paris from the tower

The tower - I was at the very top

For you Dave - the length of an artic


Notre Dame Cathedral

Dave on river Seine cruise

I love this pic. This tower has magical powers when you see...

Well Dave and I both woke up about 6ish and rolled over and went back to sleep. We then didn't wake up until 8.30am - oh well looks like we are not doing the tour. Drag our butts out of bed and down for breaky. It is pissing down with rain outside - not a pleasant looking day. So we decided not to rush and take it easy. Went back to our room and grabbed our very special brolley (thanks D) and caught the underground to the Effiel Tower - decided to get that out of the way before the crowds start (Parisians are late starters - majority of shops and attractions do not open/start until 10.00am). So we got off at the station and started walking towards the tower and it bucketed down so we popped into a little cafe and had a coffee and waited for the weather to pass a bit. By the way - coffee was amazing - double espresso - best one since I have been on tour!!

So the rain eases and we walk up to the tower - there was hardly anyone there due to the weather so we almost had the area to ourselves. I have to admit I was not looking forward to this (too many people) but it was really pleasant. Took the pics and did the tourist thing as you do. Due to the fact we did not do any walking yesterday we decided to make up for it today. So we walked to the Montparnasse Tower (best views of Paris). You go up to the 56 floor then walk up to the roof top - well I did this with ease - stayed on the roof top for ages taking pics and enjoying the 360 degree views of Paris - it was awesome. The weather still was not the best and there was a bit of cloud cover - but it was also keeping people away so it was not busy at all. I am not sure where the old Robyn has gone as she would never have gone out on the roof top!! We spent some time up here enjoying it before heading back down to find somewhere to have lunch.

We found a lovely little french cafe tucked away a bit and thought it looked nice. The plan was to have a decent lunch then a light evening meal. So I had the duck breast and Dave had the salmon. We also got some burgandy wine - OMG it was delish. When in Paris do as the Parisians do - enjoy good food and red wine - mmmm nom nom nom. So we sat there people watching for a bit and drank our wine and just enjoyed the place.

After lunch we caught the underground to Invalides took a load of pics as you do - then walked along the river Siene. It was really lovely along here and the weather was fining up with sunshine and blue sky starting to come through. We found the spot we needed to do our river cruise and boarded the next boat. This took us up the river Siene past all of the beautiful old buildings (most of them now museums) and up past the Notre Dame Cathedral (amazing) around the island and back again. Took about an hour in total but was great and relaxing with not too many people on the boat. We came back and walked through the little market stalls before heading back to the hotel. We had to walk past the Effiel tower - OMG the people there now were mind blowing - get me out of here!!

I was not really looking forward to having a day in Paris and it is not on my bucket list - but we ended up having a really great day and enjoying it immensely. We got back to the hotel about 7.00pm and thought we would just pop into the bar for a quick drink before seeing what we can get to eat. Well we were still sitting there drinking at 9.00pm - as people from the tour started arriving back to the hotel they came and joined us - so we managed to take over the whole bar area drinking and chatting it was really lovely. Just before 9.00pm a few of us went outside to a viewing point so we could see the light show of Effiel tower - it was really pretty and good to see from our hotel instead of being there with 1 million other people. We walked around trying to find somewhere to eat - with no joy - I found a little fruit and vege stall and bought Dave and I some banana's - we ate those as our evening meal. We walked back to the hotel and said our goodbyes and went to bed - now after 10.30pm - so much for an early night!! Another 5 hour sleep for me..........................

Food rating

Duck breast - 8.5 Salmon - 7

Dave beer rating

Same as yesterday

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