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Front Entrance

Even the weathervane was in keeping with the theme.

Mister Honus Wagner

Babe Ruth's glove. Note the wear and tear.(Some idiot behind me must...

This one's for my Dad, who bleeds Dodger blue.

Wall dedicated to the Chicago Black Sox. this is just wrong. See...

Redford's WONDERBOY bat from "The Natural."

There's even a section dedicated to my favorite movie of all time....

Our tickets

The grand hall.

If you have ever met me, you know that I am a baseball 'junkie.' The baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown only fueled that flame. It is a monument to a great game and the men and women (yes, the women were represented too,) who play it for the enjoyment of us all.

We saw and touched Babe Ruth's locker ( from the house that he built,) and viewed a true Honus Wagner priceless baseball card. There were whole walls dedicated to the greats - like The "Babe" The "Say-Hey Kid," Mel Ott, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, and Sy Young. We felt as though we were in the presence of royalty. Though most are gone now, the mark they left on the game and its' fans was incredible.

>**Soapbox alert!!**

There is an entire WALL devoted to Shoeless Joe Jackson and the "Black Sox Scandal," but Pete Rose and Barry Bonds - two of the best EVER to play the game - are unrepresented. They ALL broke the rules - I get it - but why honor one and omit the others? Something is wrong here! Bring Barry and Pete in, or remove the Blacksox.


We sat in a 'showroom' and watched a little teaser about the history of baseball, which ended with the singing of "Take me out to the ball game,' and everyone in the seats joined in. (Call me strange - I rarely cry at sad movies, but sitting there in the Hall of Fame singing that song literally brought tears of joy to my eyes. )

If you go to the Hall, be prepared to park your car and move it every two hours unless you want to pay ten or twenty dollars to park. Wear solid shoes and be prepared to walk a few blocks. Cooperstown in not 'parking friendly.' Couldn't find a place to park and have a nice sit down lunch, so we went to the PRICE CHOPPER market and had a yummy ham and cheese sandwich before returning to the museum for the afternoon.

Trivia : For whom is Cooperstown named?

Answer : James Fenimore Cooper.

Betcha didn't know that, huh? Didja...?

It was a great day!!

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