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They do exist! Today we saw a cassowary and he had about half a dozen chicks with him. We saw him twice. He was crossing the road as we drove into Etty Bay and then he appeared again on the beach a short time later, both times with his striped chicks tailing along behind. Apparently it is the male cassowary who looks after the chicks. Mum was nowhere to be seen.

This was our main reason for going to Etty Bay and when we got there - early, like 11:00am, we could not get a site. So, you might think we'd have said, "OK, we've seen the cassowary, let's go on," but Etty Bay is such a beautiful little beach we decided to book a couple of nights and go back to Innisfail to a CP and wait for a couple of days to get in there. This will give us a chance to look around Innisfail better anyway. The site we have booked looks straight across the road to the ocean.

After setting up we drove around town. Innisfail is a lovely, clean town set on the Johnstone River. It has, probably, the largest number of Art Deco buildings in Australia. Many of them had to be renovated after cyclone Larry. We also drove out to Flying Fish Point which was a bit disappointing.

Tuesday, 11th August

Early this morning while we were sitting outside our van, the owner of the park came by and asked what we were planning to do today and offered us free tickets to a Lucky Starr concert at the Shire Hall. It was great - both he and his accompanist, Greg Heath, who was fantastic on the Steinway Grand Piano and did some solos. Most of the songs were from the 60s era and of course he finished with "I've Been Everywhere, Man".

After the concert we bought one of his CDs and got it autographed and had a photo taken with him! Then half an hour later we passed him in the street and when we said hello he stopped for a chat. The day before we wouldn't have known him from Adam if we'd passed him!

There have been a lot of cane fires around tonight. I'd like to see one up close but in the dark it would be a bit hard to find them when we don't know the area. We can just see the smoke and glow in the distance.

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