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Cairns Esplanade

Crystal Cascades

Down the mountain we went this morning. From Kuranda to Cairns is pretty hair raising but you just have to take it slowly and there are places every now and then to let traffic pass. We were here about lunch time and then we went in to the city. The foreshore is beautifully done up with lots of activities available for people; beach volleyball, skateboarding, swimming, kid's play area, and just lush, green grass to sit or lie upon. There is also a lovely park area at the end of our CP. We will probably stay only 2 nights in Cairns; one because we prefer to be in the country and two because it is so expensive here - $42 per night which came down to $38 with RACQ discount. We will need some free camps next.

Tuesday, 4th August

Today we started out with a trip to The Cascades which were very pretty. To see them required a walk of 1.5km each way but it was an easy walk with a slight uphill gradient along a paved surface. It became fairly steep only at the far end. Since we were stopping frequently to take photos we really didn't notice the climb. The Cascades consist of a series of rocky sections in the stream with water cascading over them. In some spots they form pools where people swim in warmer weather. The whole area is obviously well used as a picnic area.

From there we drove to Cairns northern beaches and about half way to Port Douglas where the road meets the coastline for about 17kms. The scenery along that stretch is really beautiful and we were lucky to have a clear blue sky to give the water a real aquamarine colour. On our way back we thought we would have lunch at Palm Cove but after driving the full length of the foreshore there without finding a parking spot we drove on to the next beach. There are plenty to choose from!

After lunch we decided to go to Lake Morris which supplies Cairns water. If I'd known what the road was like I'd not have. It was only 16km but was narrow and windy and climbing most of the way and 40 kph. About half way up we stopped at a lookout where there were 2 young girls (very like Jemma). They were out of their car and in some kind of distress so Richard was able to play the knight in shining armour! A locust had flown in the drivers window and made himself at home in the car. Fortunately, they were able to stop without incident but they were not getting back in the car while the locust was in residence! Richard soon got it out and they were very grateful. on our way back down Richard was most embarrassed at being caught up to by a cyclist. Apparently the mountain track is used as a cycling training route. He didn't get overtaken, though!

After this full day we decided we would have another day here in order to enjoy some of the things here at the CP. it is a good park and we have not been home long enough to enjoy what we are paying for!

Wednesday, 5th August

A quiet day today - some washing while I have water as we will be free camping when we move on. We went to Smithfield shops to get some bread and Clear Zinc and now I'm using the CP WiFi while Richard goes for a bike ride - my legs and back are too sore for that.

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