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Home Sweet Home on the Hilltop.


I didn't get Massachusetts on this sign, but four states in one...

Hogback Mountain, Vermont's Green Mountains. We bought maple treats for the grandsons...

Liked this signage. I think we could see NH's White Mountains from...

Love how someone painted this boulder on a dirt road in VT.

Vermont Trees!

Vermont Chipping Sparrow, begging to have his photo taken...

Brattleboro, VT. Cute little tourist town on the CT River.

We stopped at Gilbert Lake, NY because of its proximity to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

To our surprise, it had a lovely little eighteen hole disc golf course, and we decided to play our first game. Because of the very rainy conditions in upstate NY, there were a fair number of mud puddles and the resulting mosquitoes. The course was a little hard to navigate, the chains (holes) were often difficult or impossible to locate from the the tee, but overall, we found the game to be a lot of fun and good exercise for a couple of seniors on a Sunday afternoon. We have since acquired our own set of well used discs, and we will be doing this again.


After Gilbert Lake, we chose Aqua Vista Valley Campground, near Oneonta, NY. This was not one of our best choices - the place was rather 'low-life,' with lots of permanent RV 'shacks,' weekenders, and kids everywhere. The weekenders had no regard for camping etiquette and were quite irritating. The permanent residents were unpleasant and seemed jealous of those of us who came for only a few days.

The only good thing I can say about it is that it had a nice pool and laundry room, was perfectly situated at the corner of Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York, so we were able to take a nice afternoon drive across a corner of Massachusetts, over the lush Green Mountains of Vermont, and across the Connecticut River into New Hampshire. We didn't take photos of this site, but here is the website :

It was a good week.

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