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Site Nine - Dingman's Campgroimd.

Larry's best Fukawe Indian impression - overlooking New Jersey.

New Jersey from Sunrise Mountain overlook. The very best way to see...

Duffy clowning for the camera while kayaking the Delaware River

Bottomed out on the Delaware River.

Larry in the rapids. I just sat and enjoyed the experience.

We had a terrible scare (ala Sanderson...) as we unhooked the car from the RV. It was making a horrible grinding sound in the front passenger side tire, and we naturally assumed that we would need another $1600 fix. We carefully limped it into the tiny town of Dingman's Ferry, where we were blessed to find "Wrenches," the town's one and only mechanic. Ian heard us as we drove onto the property, and met us in the parking lot.

"Oh," he said, "That doesn't sound gooood." As my heart sunk into my stomach, he ran inside and emerged a few seconds later with a screwdriver and flashlight and knelt down by the tire.

"Ah, here's your problem." He stuck the screwdriver into an opening in the rim, and out popped a small rock that had been wedged into the mechanism.

"There you go. All fixed."

Our mouths agape, we thanked him profusely. He would not accept payment, even though we offered. We had found another reputable repair shop!

Dingman's campground is located within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area, in Pennsylvania, along the upper Delaware River. The campground itself is adequate, if unremarkable. It is cool, shady, and heavily treed. No TV or internet, but that's fine - we are learning to get used to it. We have the Xbox and the Playstation II for evening entertainment, and sister Kristy lent us several movies, which we have enjoyed along the way.

We took a drive over into nearby New Jersey, and up to the top of Sunrise Mountain, where we were able to see outstanding views of the state. More trees..... After reading that New Jersey is HeAVILY populated, I believe that this is about as close as I want to get to it. Someday we will come back through here and hit the Atlantic Beaches, but for now we are satisfied with a view and a couple of Italian sandwiches crafted for us by a sweet Italian man about 5 1/2 feet tall, who asked us, "How are yooouz tuh-day?" He was the total stereotype in his green pizza apron, PLUS he made a delicious and affordable sandwich.

We are discovering that the Eastern seaboard is ALL heavily treed. There is a saying that "You know you're a true Nevadan when ...**pick your phrase*..." In our case it's "a burning desire to carry a machete everywhere to, uh, remove a few so we can see out."

From Dingman's, we put the kayaks in, hoping to paddle out into the wide, clear, swift Delaware River. There were lots of canoes on the bank, but we soon discovered that the best way to do the Delaware is to float down. It is too shallow everywhere except a small channel 3/4 across the river. Oh well - we took some photos from our bottomed-out boats, dunked ourselves in the clear waters of the Delaware, and had a lovely few hours.

We have decided to take a cruise up to Maine, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick - (God knows we need a vacation, haha,) so we drove up to the little Poconos Tourist town of Milford, PA to get some internet and choose one. We have decided on a Holland America cruise leaving Boston on August 29th. More to come.

Next stop Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Wagon, Ho!

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