2015 Myrtle Beach Bound travel blog

Addie at helicopter

Gavin at helicopter

Family at the beach

Grandma and boys

The start of the day is Katie taking items to the laundromat before the kids are up. As the kids awaken from their night sleep grandma fixes breakfast and the plans for the day are made. Katie will do the beach, she just loves it down there. Chip and Candy will take Gavin and Addie for helicopter rides this morning. They had a great time in the helicopter, no fears. I needed to make a run to Office Depot to get some supplies for the computer. After all is done, Katie, Chip and the kids head for the beach. Candy is doing some cleaning in the motorhome and I am doing nothing, just love my part. After an early supper the kids got to go to a souvenir shop to spend $20 that one of the ladies in Chip’s congregation had given them before we left. This is different for Logan because he is like me, shopping is not high on our list of things to do. Each one got a shark’s tooth necklace and something else that they wanted just as their own. By then it was shower time and off to bed. Another full day for everyone.

Time is running out because we will be leaving on Monday morning for the journey back home. We will get loaded up on Sunday afternoon so we can pull out early on Monday.

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