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Over the Bridge to the MI Upper Peninsula

Pay the Bridge Toll

Entering the MI Upper Peninsula

I uploaded a couple of pictures of going over the bridge to the MI Upper Peninsula.

US 2 West after the bridge was a great road, better than most of the Interstates. US 8 was OK with a lot of rolling hills and right and left hand turns through towns. Not too many traffic lights in the 286 miles here. Kay has discovered that if she sits in the back seat with Sookie the bumps in the road are not so bad. I get to drive a little faster. US 2 and US 8 were 55 mph speed limited, but with the new discovery, I was able to get up to 58 mph. I guess she will be able to tolerate the bad roads to New England much better now and not yell at me to slow down so often.

The RV Park here is not that great. It took me a while to back between two trees and not hit the tree across the road from the site with my front fender. We were able to keep the truck hooked up to save some time tomorrow morning. We walked down to the lake with Sookie, but she had no interest in going in the water. Tomorrow we stop in Chippawa Falls, WI for two nights so we can get cheese.

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