Summer 2015 in the UK including 'The Open' travel blog

Wednesday August 5

We started the day having breakfast with Richard and Pat, then drove to the little village of Llandygwydd to visit Ruth and John, gardening friends of Heather's parent, who are realizing some failing health issues, but continue to live in the bungalow that they built by themselves over 40 years ago.

After our morning coffee with Ruth and John, we drove into Cardigan to do some requisite banking and to have lunch at one of the pleasant cafés in town. We later decided to visit a nearby seaside village, Aberporth, where we walked around the bay and examined the progress on the construction of a cliff-side café, which will have a spectacular view of the beach, bay and out to sea.

We returned to Pat and Richard's for a cup of leg-up prior to meeting Colin and Jeanette at their house in order to drive together to dinner at the Cliff Hotel. The Cliff Hotel had been drastically modernized since we were there last, and it looks very inviting as a restaurant and bar area. The meals were very good as well.

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