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Our site at Darien Lake Campground

Waterfall at High Falls State Park, GA

Rick in front of High Falls

More High Falls

Isaac getting his diploma

Isaac, Alex and Darby

Isaac and his proud grandparents

Port Canaveral - Oh, look they are delivering our yacht to us!!...

View off our balcony leaving Port Canaveral

The cruise begins - ready to Party

Ken & Trudie dancing

Clear water coming into port at St. Thomas

Ship in anchored in St. Thomas

A whole lot of Towel Animals on the Lido Deck

Grand Turk

Our ship as seen from our lounge chairs on Grand Turk

Our ship, the Carnival Valor

Betsy braved the water slide on the ship

Ken and Rick, just relaxing

Mikayla at Lake Wesauking PA

My brother, John, and Mikayla on the dock at his house on...

Mikayla caught a fish and one of the twins is looking at...

Overlooking Niagara River from bridge at Three Sisters Islands, Niagara Falls

Path on the way to Horseshoe Falls with skyline of Canada

We are now settled into our day-to-day lives in Darien Center, NY working at Darien Lake Theme Park. We’ve been here since June 30. Our first work assignment, beginning on July 6, was to work 40 hours per week doing landscaping. Rick has done that many times and I figured I’d give it a go so we could have the same work schedule, 7-3:30 M-F. Well, after two weeks, I realized that I am not cut out for weeding, weeding, and more weeding on my knees or bending over. That does not include the time spent spreading lots and lots of mulch, sometimes in the rain. This week I transferred into food service and I am now doing prep work in the kitchen at one of the sit down restaurants on the property, Beaver Brothers. I work the same hours as Rick except we only have one day off together. I work Fri to Tues with Wed and Thurs off. He’s arranged to work Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat with Thurs and Sunday off. It’s a workable solution and we don’t have to work nights.

Darien Lake Park was, for years, a campground and then they added a water park and then rides. For a while it was managed by Six Flags and then became what it is today. They have the campground, quite large, a hotel, and cabin rentals, and then all the roller coasters etc. One price gets you in to enjoy all the rides and the water park. We’ve ridden a few rides but haven’t been to the water park. Either we’re too tired or it’s been too cold. One nice thing about this area is most of the time the temps are in the 70’s or low 80’s without the constant humidity of the southern states we’ve been in. We rarely have to run the air conditioner at night. We’re enjoying it and the money is nice but we will be going back to volunteering or working at a private campground for just our site and less hours next summer. The one nice thing about where we are is that they provide a FHU site for free and we also get paid for all hours worked. It’s always nice to recharge the checking account.

To bring you up to date from where we left off after leaving Yellow Jacket, I’ll summarize what we did the month of June. We left YJ on June 12 and took 3 days to drive to near where we worked on the outskirts of Charlotte last year stopping off at High Falls State Park, GA for two nights. Parked our RV and spent time with our kids and grandkids. Right after we arrived in NC, we went to grandson Isaac’s high school graduation. The next day we drove back to Blue Ridge to check on our house (which is still being rented) and go to the doctor and dentist. Spent the night with friends, Tom and Linda Patterson, and drove back to NC so we could pack to go on our cruise with son Ken and his wife, Trudie. Had a marvelous time on the cruise and have made cruisers out of Ken and Trudie. We’re already talking about going on another cruise together sometime. Came back from the cruise, drove to Raleigh to see son Bryan and his family and their new home. Then on June 29 we left the south to go to western NY to where we are now. Took two days and the trip went very smoothly.

As we didn’t start working until July 6, we were able to visit my brother John in Towanda, PA to spend the 4th with him, his wife, Ginny and their family. Both of their sons, their wives and children were there and it was such fun being around little ones again. Their granddaughter, Mikayla is 9 and their twin grandsons are 3. Had a great time going to the local parade, watching fireworks and eating, of course.

One of the nice things about this area of NY is that it is about an hour from Niagara Falls which we had never seen. Last Saturday, we decided to drive to the Niagara Falls, US side. They have a very nice state park which is very large. Fortunately, they have an inexpensive shuttle you can ride from one area of the park to another and you can get on and off as many times as you want. As we plan to return to see the Canadian side of the falls in September, we didn’t cross over to see it this trip. We had heard that the US side is very commercial and it is. There was an air show going on nearby last weekend and I think everyone who didn’t want to go to it was at the Falls. Way too many people for my taste! Didn’t get many pictures because Rick’s camera battery turned out to be dead even though when he turned the camera on before we left home it said it was full and my phone was also almost dead but we did get a few.

The other workampers here are very nice but we don’t see them a lot as we all have different schedules. The park is open 7 days a week from 10:30 to 10 and then they have a laser show and fireworks from 10 to 10:30. It is very audible in the campground plus we can see the fireworks. There is a performing arts center right next to the park where they hold concerts starring well known groups. We can’t see the shows but we certainly can hear them. It’s usually quite loud and it’s ok when it’s someone we’re interested in listening to but when the hard rock bands show up it, gets to be a little too much (guess I’m showing my age though I was never into heavy metal music). This weekend a group called Kingdom Bound has taken over the campground, cabins and hotel. Look it up on the internet. It is quite a weekend with well-known Christian music groups, speakers and activities for everyone who has paid to come and participate. As their admission also includes admission to the theme park, I expect it will be very crowded. Hopefully, they will want to eat in the restaurants in the park.

Hopefully, we’ll have more to write about the area the next time.

Betsy and Rick

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