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Winton's dinosaur garbage bins.

Winton shows pride in its main street.

Unfortunately the Waltzing Matilda site still hasn't reopened after the fire.

Ewes and Rams

Map of district.

Winton Railway which is only used as a bus transit stop now.

Winton's Deckchair Theatre.

Old projection room.

Deckchair Theatre

Deckchair Theatre

Mining boulder opal.

Part of Arno's Wall.

Another part of Arno's Wall.

We were going to camp in the back of the hotel but...

Our free camp at Long Waterhole.

The Spoonbill and Crane were mates and visited us regularly at Long...

Long Waterhole

The crane.

Local cows also visited Long Waterhole.

The cows coming down and stirring up more dust.

Hundreds of kangaroos around Longreach especially but these are the only emus...

198 kms today, into a headwind was not good for fuel economy. We had thought to camp at the North Gregory Hotel van park, for $10/night with shower & toilet but when we arrived there they had a gem stone market (mainly Boulder opal), going for the weekend in the van area so, we went out to Long Waterhole and found a pleasant spot looking down over the waterhole to setup,camp. We have our toilet tent up - all we lack is a shower and we have discovered that we can shower at the BP servo in town (only 2kms away) for free. All the water in Winton seems to come from the Great Artesian Basin at a high temperature and once cooled is fine for drinking and any other use.

Saturday, 11th July

This morning we went to town to do a little shopping and see some of the attractions. Richard had a look though the old outdoor movie theatre with the world's largest deck chair and we we sat Arno's fence which has everything imaginable in it; motor bikes, a microwave, a lawnmower, a sink, wheels, a machine, all,sorts! We also had a play of the musical fence.

The sun doesn't rise until about 7am out here so we have been pretty late rising but we'll have to get up earlier tomorrow to get into town in time to have a shower before church at 8:30.

Sunday, 12th July

We got our lovely hot shower in a nice warm servo. It is freezing here today! 0.1 degree overnight. Yesterday and the day before got to mid 30s during the day although cold at night and early morning but today as with much of Australia there is a bitterly cold wind and the temperature has been lucky to reach 20 degrees. The wind is also blowing dust constantly across our van area so it is quite unpleasant although we still sit outside to enjoy the view!

Church this morning was an Anglican communion service in a joint Anglican/Uniting Church. They are very fortunate here to have a resident priest (female). No morning tea today as everyone (all 7 or 8 ) of them were rushing off to voluntary work with the Matilda Centre or Rotary or some such. The rector would have made us coffee but as she was helping with the Rotary Christmas in July lunch we said not to bother.

Since church, today has been a day of relaxing at the van. Tomorrow we push on again toward Cloncurry.

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