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At the Visitor Center near Michigan State Line

Joe & Foxy learning about the Iron Industry in Wisconsin

We had an easy move today, just 120 miles and check-in at next place not until 1 o'clock. So, we planned a slow drive. First order of business was to top off our diesel tank. We had 40 gallons so there was no panic but we like to run the generator for a/c going down the road if it gets too hot and the generator won't start if we're below 25 gallons.

Next stop was at a bank for a rest break. Banks are great places to stop on Sundays; they are closed and parking lots are empty. You just need to be sure there's an entrance and easy exit and you have a nice quiet place for a break and paw stretch.

Fortunately, the VMSPC is working again and I've been fiddling around with using our GoPro as a dash cam. Keeps me busy while Joe drives and Foxy sleeps.

We stopped at Wal-Mart in Ashland and stocked up on groceries. Then it was an easy 30 minute drive to our RV park for the next 5 nights.

Unfortunately, this park is the only game in town and the owner doesn't believe in putting much into the park. We have a back-in, very tight, very unlevel site, 30 amp; we prefer a 50 amp site, but can power manage a 30-amp if it's a strong 30 amp; this one isn't and the power dropped out a couple of times. First thing Joe had to do was trim the tree branches so they weren't scraping on the roof and the back of the motor home. Definitely wins the prize for the worst campground we've stayed in since Mexico. But, the place was packed and we were glad to get what we have for the bargain basement price of $42 a night. We'll manage.

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