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I was all packed and ready to go on Thursday evening. I noticed that there were itchy blisters starting to form on my hands and feet and hoped that they wouldn't spread like what I had on my leg. When we left for the airport at 5:30am I decided to wear gloves in case the blisters on my hands got weepy since the blisters looked like they were spreading. When we arrived in Guatemala by 10:30am (12:30 Florida time) the blisters were larger and some were very red. Now I was worried. They also were painful and I thought it might be shingles.

By the time we got the rental car and drove to Antigua I was pretty miserable. We headed out to town for lunch and stopped at a pharmacy to see if they could provide anything to help dry out the blisters. They recommended I visit a dermatologist up the street - Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa G. We ate lunch then looked for the doctor's office which ended up being behind guarded bars. We were let in and went to talk to the lady in the pharmacy that was in the clinic. She said that he could see me in 30-40 minutes so we made the appointment then left to continue our Antigua stroll.

I returned and was shown upstairs to the doctors office, after about a 2 minute wait. He spoke English and we chatted about what was going on and I told him I thought it was shingles, and he said that it was impossible to get shingles on both sides of the body - interesting. He thought it might be an infection from the rash that I had on my leg and suggested he open a nodule to look at it under his microscope which I agreed to. His diagnosis right then and there was that I had a staph infection. He wrote me a list of items to get from the pharmacy, promised that I'd be better in 5 days and wants me to email him the results. So I am hopeful that even by tomorrow the ick won't be as icky.

Dr. Manuel Antonio Samayoa G.


3a Calle Poniente No. 13

Antigua Guatemala


Tele: 7832-4854

What a way to begin a vacation.

The house we are in (actually a condo) is very nice. We weren't able to pull into the street initially due to a large demonstration and many policeman blocking the entrance. Seems the President is staying at a hotel up the street. By the time we returned from lunch all had quieted down and we were able to bring the car up and 'move in'. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs on the main floor. 2 with bathrooms inside the room and 1 with a bathroom right outside of the room. They are clean and I think comfortable. Downstairs is a living room, kitchen, laundry room and pretty patio with a view of a mountain.

We rested up for a bit then went back out to Antigua. Amanda wanted to go to a particular restaurant for dinner. We found the place and dinner was ordered. By this time I was pretty tired and itchy. We went to another place on Amanda's agenda - the Whiskey Den - where she knew someone she wanted to say hi to. He was there and we chatted a bit. I was getting pretty tired by this time and my legs were doing their restless thing so I wanted to go back to the house. Amanda and Mike were heading to the next place on her agenda - Cafe No Se - which is on the way to the house. She found me a cab so they didn't have to drive me back to the house (a 10 minute drive).

I was happy to hit the sack - it was a long day.

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