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No, I'm not sharing my shoofly pie!

Which way do we go?

Neat planting rows

What is this?

Curious George

Amish Farm

Purple Martin Bird Houses


The Donkey from Shrek


Amish School House

Mother and daughter at the auction

Note the bare feet

What will you bid for these items?

Flowers at the auction

Are Amish weddings SLOW?

Blue Spruces ready for Christmas

Good use of an old wagon

Amish golf cart!

We are now in "eating" country. Lots of good Amish home cooking. We are in one of our favorite parks that we stayed at last year and will be back again for sure. It is extremely clean and well maintained and the most important thing is that we are on beautiful grass with paved parking pads.

Went to an outdoor Amish produce and flower auction early one morning. What fun that was to see the produce and flowers, especially the hanging baskets which were the largest I have ever seen. Neat to watch and cheap cheap prices all for the bidding. We know that many of the items will be available for retail sale tomorrow and we may just purchase some of the produce.

Stopped at several thrift stores in the area and mingled with the Amish women and children who were shopping there also. One little Amish girl about 6 YO (blue dress and black bonnet) kept staring at me, but not speaking. When she and her mom went to get into their buggy, she kept turning around and looking at us and as they drove away she kept peaking out the buggy at us and then she and mom waved. What a neat experience. She was adorable and you can see her bare feet in the photo. As a matter of fact, in the summertime the Amish children do not wear shoes at all. Boys and girls are always barefoot and their little feet are dirty.

After leaving there we drove one of the many back roads which we prefer to travel. We happened upon a building with a tent next to one building and there were lots of Amish exiting the building. All of the women we saw had on white aprons. I joked and said it was probably an Amish wedding. Well, do you believe when we drove away there was a yellow road sign indicating for traffic to slow down for the wedding. How neat is that.

On another back road we passed lots of Amish buggies parked at a building and what they were doing was watching their children play baseball. Would have loved to stop to watch, but we know how private the Amish people are.

We have stocked our refrigerator and pantry with lots of Amish goodies and will be headed to West Virginia in the morning.

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