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This bus journey was one I'll remember for a long time. We boarded the bus on time and got given pillow and blanket - after reading a bit of my book, we settled down to get some sleep.

After an hour later the bus stopped I just presumed it was due to the driver needing some rest and dosed back to sleep. Some 2 hours later we were still there and Sophie whispered to me we have been here hours. I then couldn't sleep, I was freezing as the engine had been off for hours and I realised we were in the middle of no where and the bus men had created a massive fire. The next thing the bus driver came to me and said 'come now'. I grabbed Sophie and Hannah and said 'we have to go'. I did start to panic but Sophie was like it will be fine. When I got out of the bus another had bus turned up and he said don't worry, new bus - there were only 3 spaces and we were to have them. Still slightly confused - I was so relieved and could of hugged the man. Sophie then informed me some 2 hours back the bus guy had said sorry we had broken down, I wish I knew as I didn't have a clue what was going on.

Anyhow, We got onto the new bus it was 4am now and the new bus was lovely and warm and people moved so we could sit together, the people who work the bus company are so lovely and kept checking we were ok. Before long we were on our way and after all the excitement, we finally went to sleep.

We woke at 10am to be given Peach Juice carton and a Pink wafer random breakfast but pleasant never the less.

When I looked out of the window the mountains were turning into desert. We stayed on one straight road through the desert for 5 hours! It must of been so boring to drive. The coach plays films along the way although in Spanish they keep you entertained after almost 13 hours I was going a bit doolaley - all my lives of candy crush were gone and I'd eaten a whole pack of cookie. At 4pm, some 16 hours after leaving La Serena we arrived in Antofagasta for a short stopover.

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